Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A trim

I decided to trim my hair this past weekend. The tangles were getting crazy, and I was having trouble wearing my hair down. I am trying to find a good length where I can wear it down without it getting matted. I was at about an inch above my tailbone, and I trimmed about 2 inches off. I also went from having it rounded to having it cut straight across. I think it makes my hair look thicker when it is cut straight across, and updos are easier. So far, at this length, I am still able to do all my updos without any problem. I was amazed though that when I used my Wrap, Snap and Go rollers, my hair was so much shorter! After I took them out, my hair was bra strap length! I kept grabbing at my waist to feel hair that wasn't there! That seemed really short to me. After awhile, the curls stretched to waist length. I would like to grow maybe another inch and stay at that length and see how I like it. I really wish I had hair that did well at tailbone length or longer. If the tangles weren't an issue, then I would probably be a classic length girl. Here is a pic of the new trim. I tried to get a picture from the back, but they all looked hilarious. For some reason I can't seem to take a straight picture of myself from the back! So the side pic will have to do :).