Saturday, February 4, 2012

New stratagies

I want to thank you all for your encouraging words. I owe some of you emails, and will do that soon. I apologize for my previous post. It really was a giant pity party to myself. Thankfully, I am over it now :). After a week of feeling extremely low, I realized I was being ridiculous. God doesn't want me to act like that. I need to trust Him. To explain our adoption situation, the adoption plans were put on hold because of finances, and because of Jeff's job situation. His company was bought out about 2 weeks ago, which could be either good or bad. It could put his job, and everyone elses at the company in jeopardy. He has been in this situation twice before. One company he worked for was bought out, and they got rid of most of the employees and started over. The other company that he worked for that was bought out ended up keeping the employees. We are praying hard that they keep all of the employees at his company. He is feeling an urgency to go back to school to finish his business degree, and get out of engineering completely. Sales jobs are a lot easier to find than engineering jobs. If he does go back to school, the money that we have saved so far for the adoption would need to go to that. That is why we aren't sure we will be able to do the adoption.

I have been brainstorming, trying to figure out ways I can help the situation. Jeff has always wanted me to write a book. That is actually what I am doing! I started it yesterday, and it is going to be a Kindle book. With a Kindle book, it can be read on any device, even a PC, as long as you download the free Kindle app. I am writing a gluten free/casein free/soy free cookbook. Then I plan on promoting it on autism websites where the diet is very popular. Kindle publishes for free as long as I set the price low (it will be $2.99). They take a percentage of the profits, and I get the rest. I have been cooking the gfcfsf way for a long time now, and have been daily tweaking regular recipes to make them gfcfsf. Because Evie and I have to eat this way, it has been a goal of mine to copycat recipes that taste great. So far, the book will have over 100 recipes. I am excited about that! I didn't realize I had come up with that many! If I can make enough money, it will help to pay for the adoption and Jeff's schooling too. That is my goal. I am going to be busy these next few months! My plan is to write at least 20 recipes a week in the book. I am going to have to make a lot of these recipes first, because I tend to just throw ingredients in without measuring. Jeff was happy to hear that I needed to make all the dessert recipes :). I am excited, and hopeful. It may be a long shot, but it may be a huge answer to prayer for us!