Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day At An Amish Farm

We got to go to a Amish farm last Friday for a homeschool field trip. Jeff got to go too, and it was a lot of fun! It was a bit of a cool day, so we had to bundle up. First thing we did was shake cream to make butter. All of us joined in with that, even the adults. It was fun, and afterwards we got to go into the farmhouse and watch one of the Amish ladies wash and work the butter to make it smooth. It was very interesting! Then we all piled onto a wagon with haybales and went into the woods. I was amazed at the horses that pulled us. There were about 20 of us, and the 2 draft horses pulled us through some major mud. We left 2 foot deep ruts in places, and they pulled us like we were light as a feather. Amazing animals! We got to go out into the woods and see maple trees tapped to collect maple syrup. Then we went into a sugar shack to see the maple syrup being cooked up. Boy did that place smell good! After that the kids got to collect eggs. The farm had a huge area with probably 100 or more chickens that roamed both inside and in the chicken house. There were lots and lots of eggs! The Amish family was so kind and giving, and they had us all come inside for a wonderful snack of cornbread, butter (the homemade stuff we all helped make), and real maple syrup from their trees. YUM! The kids then piled into a buggy and went for a buggy ride. It was a fun filled day, and we were there for about 3 hours. We all really enjoyed it! The video is of Evie shaking the cream to make butter. I was joking that she had to do it for an hour :). It actually only took about 15 minutes. Sorry it is sideways! I wasn't thinking about it actually being sideways until it came up that way! I haven't figured out how to change it. Oh well. The sound you are hearing on the video is windchimes. Aren't they pretty?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you Liliana!

My super cool online friend Liliana has a really fun blog that tells of her travels in an rv around the country. It is facinating to read about her life, and it is awesome to see her growing in her walk with God. I am humbled that she nominated my blog for the Sisterhood Award. It is an award for the blog that displays great attitude and a spirit of gratitude. I'm not sure my blog qualifies, as I am not sure I display those things very often. It does help me to strive more to show those qualities in my blog. I thank you Lil for the very nice award, and for your friendship!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love this weather!!

It has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend! It has been a lot of fun too. On Friday night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Evie wanted me to take a few pictures, so here they are :). This was before we stuffed our face silly with yummy Mexican food. We eat there probably once every few weeks, and we love it. They have really great vegetarian fajitas. The pico de gallo about burns your nose hairs off though. It is really spicy!

After the Mexican restaurant, we took Evie bowling for the first time. She absolutely loved it! They put these bumper things up so she couldn't get a gutter ball. She actually did really well. It was cute to watch her. She would jump up and down every time the ball went down the lane :).

Yesterday we got a lot done outside. We were outside all day. It felt wonderful just being outside again in the warm sunshine. Jeff got my garden area ready. I had a huge, and I mean HUGE area of ornamental grass. He took it out and transplanted to different areas of the yard. Then he took my arbor down so he could fix it. It was leaning really bad, so he is going to make it stronger, and is going to put a seat underneath it so we can sit under it if we want to. My clematis climbs it, so it is beautiful in the summer. There was a huge peony planted underneath it, and we transplanted that to the front area. Now I have a really large area for my garden and herbs. I am so excited! Jeff transplanted 2 daylilies and 2 tiger lilies from the back garden area to the front flower beds, so we should have some beautiful color in the front yard too, not just the back yard. The biggest thing Jeff did was rip out a small tree by our front door. It was a evergreen that was dying because a neighbor dog keeps peeing on it. It was such a huge bush/tree that it was hiding the front door. Now it is very open. I was excited to find out that Jeff is going to dig me a fish pond in that area where he ripped the tree out! We had a fish pond at our old house with a fountain, and I really miss it. We took the fountain with us, and the pond pump, so all we have to buy is the liner. It won't be huge, but it will really dress up the front area by the front porch. I can't wait! He is going to start it after we get back from Florida. So we have had a very productive weekend. Today is gorgeous, so I'm going to get off the computer and go take a walk with the fam.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm ready for spring!

We have had some warmer weather, and it has been such a tease! On Tuesday we had weather in the 60's. Then yesterday it was 20 degrees! This has seemed like a very long winter for some reason. Maybe because we had snow for 3 months solid, which is abnormal for this area. I'm so ready to see green trees and beautiful flowers, and I can't wait to plant a garden and plant flowers! I'm looking forward to long walks outside in beautiful weather. We are leaving in a few weeks to go to Florida for a week, and I am looking forward to the warm weather. I am really ready for spring!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Long hair and aging

I love long hair. I always have loved long hair. There is just something so romantic about it. I think of movies like The Lord of the Rings, where the women's hair is flowing in the wind. It is interesting how society views long hair on women. In some countries, women and long hair are common place. Here in the United States though, long hair on women who are over 30 is pretty rare. In the small community I used to live in, there were many people in that community that were of the Apostolic faith. The Apostolic women are not permitted to cut their hair, so I saw long hair all the time, and I fit in quite nicely in that community! When we moved back to our hometown a few years ago, that feeling of fitting in nicely really changed! Hair my length is super rare where I live now. At my church, I have the longest hair there. There is one other woman that is older than I am, and her hair is to her waist. She and I are the only women past 20 years old that have long hair. The rest all have hair shoulder length or shorter. Long hair is rare here, from what I have seen.

I have read many articles on long hair on older women, and seen lots of those makeover tv shows like "What Not To Wear". If a woman who is over 30 and has long hair is the topic of the makeover, they all tell her that long hair past 30 makes a woman look too old. And yet they will take a younger woman in her 20's and cut her hair and tell her they went shorter to make her look older! So which is it? Does long hair make you look younger or older?? I have found that I have a hard time figuring out a woman's age when her hair is long. I was going through some of my old Country Woman magazines, and I found a woman with really long hair on the cover. At first I thought she was in her 30's. Then I looked really close at her and noticed all her wrinkles! After looking at the picture for awhile, I guessed she was maybe in her 50's instead of her 30's, but it was really hard to tell. I would LOVE if someone guessed me as being in my 30's when I am in my 50's! I was looking at some before and after pictures of women who had makeovers. I was showing these pictures to Jeff, and I asked him to guess the women's ages. In all the short hair pictures, he guessed the women as being 10 years older than they really were. The ones with longer hair, he guessed them as either being their age or younger. I found that interesting! I know that it is super hip and stylish to have a shorter sassy hairstyle, and at times I am really tempted. But I don't want to cut my hair just because I have to conform to some image. If I love my hair long, then I don't see why I can't keep it long!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feeling crafty

I guess I should clarify that I am not feeling sly/crafty :). I'm in the mood for crafts! I went through a bunch of my craft books over the weekend, and got really motivated. I haven't cross stitched in years, and I actually really miss doing it. I found this pattern above that was in a cross stitch magazine. If you click on the picture you can enlarge it. I thought it looked so cute, so I want to make it for my kitchen. It has a Bible verse on it, which I love. I haven't ever cross stitched something with this much detail before, so I think it will be fun.

I found this super soft variegated yarn shortly after Christmas. I LOVE the color. It has a bit of lavender, teal, and other beautiful colors in it. I want to knit an afghan out of it. I have never made an afghan before, so I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out!