Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love this weather!!

It has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend! It has been a lot of fun too. On Friday night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Evie wanted me to take a few pictures, so here they are :). This was before we stuffed our face silly with yummy Mexican food. We eat there probably once every few weeks, and we love it. They have really great vegetarian fajitas. The pico de gallo about burns your nose hairs off though. It is really spicy!

After the Mexican restaurant, we took Evie bowling for the first time. She absolutely loved it! They put these bumper things up so she couldn't get a gutter ball. She actually did really well. It was cute to watch her. She would jump up and down every time the ball went down the lane :).

Yesterday we got a lot done outside. We were outside all day. It felt wonderful just being outside again in the warm sunshine. Jeff got my garden area ready. I had a huge, and I mean HUGE area of ornamental grass. He took it out and transplanted to different areas of the yard. Then he took my arbor down so he could fix it. It was leaning really bad, so he is going to make it stronger, and is going to put a seat underneath it so we can sit under it if we want to. My clematis climbs it, so it is beautiful in the summer. There was a huge peony planted underneath it, and we transplanted that to the front area. Now I have a really large area for my garden and herbs. I am so excited! Jeff transplanted 2 daylilies and 2 tiger lilies from the back garden area to the front flower beds, so we should have some beautiful color in the front yard too, not just the back yard. The biggest thing Jeff did was rip out a small tree by our front door. It was a evergreen that was dying because a neighbor dog keeps peeing on it. It was such a huge bush/tree that it was hiding the front door. Now it is very open. I was excited to find out that Jeff is going to dig me a fish pond in that area where he ripped the tree out! We had a fish pond at our old house with a fountain, and I really miss it. We took the fountain with us, and the pond pump, so all we have to buy is the liner. It won't be huge, but it will really dress up the front area by the front porch. I can't wait! He is going to start it after we get back from Florida. So we have had a very productive weekend. Today is gorgeous, so I'm going to get off the computer and go take a walk with the fam.


RosyRose said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love being outside and moving stuff around too!
And I love that Mexican joint you ate at:) Maybe we should go there together someday!

Jules said...

It sounds as if that srping gardening fever as hit. The first sign of warm weather, I'm wanting to get out in the garden and do things. Now, we're getting ready to tidy up our garden ready for winter. However, I've got my eye on several dozen bulbs that I want to plant by Easter. Got to have something to look forward to during all that cold weather!

Daisy said...

It was gorgeous here too this weekend!! I took my children bowling a few weekends ago ... we used the bumper lane too. It's a good thing, otherwise I think that "I" would have gotten a LOT of gutter balls.
Have fun in Florida Jen!!

SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

April said...

I can't wait to hear about your garden, Jen! Of course, you'll take pictures for us to see, right? :) The most I can do at my current house is plant a bunch of herbs in pots since we plan on selling the place next year and don't want to tear up the yard. The backyard is perfect for a garden and it really frustrates me so!

I LOVE peonies, but they don't like it here very much; I've only been able to get one to grow and had to leave it at my old house. Boo.

I used to have a fish pond with a waterfall and it was wonderful. I really miss mine too; it was so peaceful. We hope to have one up at the farm again near the house just for the sound. I bet Evie will LOVE having a fish pond.

Jen said...

Hey Rose. Yes, that would be fun! We should do that sometime :).

Jules: It is crazy that it is just now getting cold where you are, and it is just getting warm here. From your blog, it looks like you had a great summer :).

Daisy: Aren't those bumpers great? I never even knew they had them. It actually helped me to do better too :).

SM: Thanks! I hope you are having a great vacation!

April: I can't wait to see your blog when you move to the farm. Then you will get to have your garden, and your pond, and your animals :).