Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For He Shall Reign Forever and Ever!

This video was so awesome I just couldn't stop crying!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It has been cold here, and I am trying to get my body used to it. I actually love cold weather. I know, I am weird :). I do miss all the fresh produce from the garden. We are eating the last of the tomatoes and peppers that I picked. Almost all the leaves are off the trees now, so winter is getting closer. I can't believe it is November already!

As we get near Thanksgiving (is that even possible that it is almost that time???), I am brainstorming for gluten free/casein (dairy) free/soy free (gfcfsf) ideas. One thing that we eat every year at Thanksgiving that isn't gfcfsf is green bean casserole. I found a recipe online for gluten free condensed cream of chicken soup, and gluten free condensed cream of celery soup. I decided to try it, and modify it a bit to make it gfcfsf. First I tried the cream of chicken. I made it and OH..MY..WORD...the stuff was insanely good. Like, waaaaay better than Campbells condensed stuff. This past week I decided to give the cream of celery a try. It was better than the cream of chicken! Jeff tried it, and was so bummed that we weren't going to be eating it for supper that night (I ended up freezing it)! He said it tasted even better than Panera Bread's cream of broccoli, which was a huge compliment since I adore Panera's cream of broccoli soup. I also found a recipe online for gf french fried onions, so now I can make green bean casserole!

I started making a hair album, with pictures in it of updos that I can browse through. I did it to try and overcome the latest hair rut I was in, where I was wearing my hair the same way every day. I have 3 new favorites. I had them in my other hair book with hand-drawn sketches, but hadn't really tried them. After trying them, I love them! Here are pictures of the three.
The first one is from a lady on the Long Hair Loom named Harpgal. It is a super easy braided updo, and stays put all day! I really like how it looks too. Dressy, but easy.

This one is called "The Masara", and is from a girl from Youtube named Torrin Paige. She has some wonderful updo videos on Youtube. This one is a bit crooked :(. Oh well.

This last one was from the movie "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore. I found the instructions online somewhere, but never could figure out how to do it. I finally worked on it and figured it out, and loved how it looked!