Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Garden pics and news, news, news!!

I am finally getting around to putting pictures on here of my garden! It is going quite crazy, and there are lots of pictures, so for those of you who are bored to tears with gardens, please bear with me :). The first pic is of my yellow squash and zucchini. They yellow squash is starting to take over my beets. You can see some broccoli in there, along with some cabbage.

My bell peppers are doing so well. They are so sweet! I picked about 25 of them the other day. My freezer is getting full of them. Love that!

My beans are about done. Sad! I wish they would have kept on going. I planted 5 rows, and they did great, but didn't last as long as I would have liked. The next pictures are of my beans, and then of the whole garden.
My ground cherries are going to town. I have 6 plants, and they are loaded. They are really sweet, and I love that they fall onto the ground when they are ready. I just need them to fall all at once!
My cucumbers are growing and growing. Doing the vertical gardening has worked well for them. I have made several batches of dill pickles so far.

Here are my trees....oh wait, those are tomato plants!! They are HUGE! Our fence in the back is 6 feet tall, and they are taller than the fence! They are loaded down with green tomatoes. I am going to be really busy when they start turning red!!

Here are some pics of our produce. We are getting the most ginormous cucumbers, and even when they are this huge, they are still crisp! They are making some great pickles too. I am definitely going to grow this variety again next year.

Our peppers have been huge too. I haven't let them turn colors. I read that once you let them turn, the plant stops producing. I have been picking them green. Look at the size of these two!

Besides gardening, we have been a tad busy. Want to hear our news????? Our news is that we are in the process of adopting!!!! We are in the beginning stages, and are just finishing up our paperwork. After that, we will start our homestudy. Then we will be in the waiting stage. We are going through a different agency than the one we used with Evie. We want to adopt an infant domestically, just like we did before. It is an exciting time!! Evie is sooooooo excited! She has the baby names book out about every day, and she talks about the adoption all day long. The waiting is not going to be super easy for her :). We have lots of work to do :)!!