Friday, February 29, 2008

New long hair pictures

I figured it was time to update my picture since it has been awhile. I had the hardest time getting my hair to look right in the picture. It kept curling funky, and it looked like it was all different lengths! I have weird hair. I need a trim, but I don't want to trim much since I just got to tailbone length again! I need to post my favorite long hair website. It is the Long Hair Loom, and it is an awesome web board, with an awesome group of people. It has really helped me learn how to keep my hair long and healthy.

I'm super happy with my new bangs. I just couldn't get used to the swooped bang look on me. The new bangs are super easy, and I like how they look. Here is a picture from today.

Well, I guess that is enough long hair talk for now :).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still very cold today

Lots and lots of snow. Jeff left on business for Atlanta for 3 days. I miss him already! Evie and I tried to go out and build a snowman today, but the snow was way too powdery and wouldn't pack. We will have to try again tomorrow. Poor Sierra is having a hard time with the snow. When she goes outside, snow gets packed between her toes, and her paws hurt her. She comes inside and has to chew the snow off her paws. I should really check into getting some kind of boots or something for her, as this happens to her every year. The poor thing. Dolly is the fortunate pet...she gets to stay inside all the time. She is going to be 9 this year, and she is getting quite large around the middle. She has to be the loudest cat that ever lived. She meows SO loud. Evie loves her to pieces though (and sometimes squeezes her hard enough for her to be in pieces!), and Dolly is so patient with her. She looks so thrilled in the picture doesn't she? LOL.

Well, I got really sick of the side sweep bangs. They were driving me crazy. I decided to go back to my normal bangs. They look a bit messy in this picture, but at least they soften my look. I felt like I looked so harsh with the side sweep bangs. I hope Jeff likes them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ready for spring

With all this snow, I am really ready for some green grass and warm weather. Although the snow is beautiful, I am ready for spring! So I thought I would add some pictures of some nice warm weather :).

Here is our house with green grass..ahhhh
And here is Evie with some beautiful black-eyed Susan's..

Long hair musings

I'm trying to grow my hair back out to classic length. It is to tailbone right now, and seems to be taking forever to grow back. One thing I can't seem to figure out what to do with is my bangs. I am trying to do the sidesweep bang look, and so far my bangs are to the end of my nose. I went to church the other day feeling like they looked AWFUL, only to have my mother-in-law tell me how much she loved my bangs! I can't decide if they look good or not. I'm thinking about just cutting them back shorter without the side sweep.

I really need to start doing more exciting things with my hair. I keep wearing it up every day with my ficcare. Here is a picture of my updo that I wear way too often... I know how to do a lot of different styles, I'm just lazy lately :).
Evie loves to do long hair pictures with me. Here is one of both of us. Isn't her hair pretty?

Winter wonderland

Oooh fun! My very first blog post :). I have wanted to do this for awhile, but just never got around to it. I talk so much that I figure this is one good way to get out some of my chattyness (is that a new Jen word?).

The snow really came down last night and this morning. Jeff took pictures before he left for work this morning because the snow was so pretty. We have gotten so much snow this winter. The picture here is the view from our front windows. Maybe we can go outside today and make a snowman!

I started making soap a few months ago, and made a new batch on Sunday afternoon. I am using lard for the recipe, and I have to say that it smells rather barnyard-ish (another Jen word for today). I'm hoping the smell wears off. Nothing like maple cinnamon soap (that is the scent I made) with a little side smell of barn animal. Yuck! I will have to check and see how it turns out in a few weeks as it cures. This is only my second batch of soap. The next batches I am not going to use lard. I am going to make it with oils like coconut, olive and canola. That way I will avoid the yucky animal smell. The first batch of soap I made was goat's milk soap, and I scented it with lavender. The lard smell did go away, but I wasn't super impressed with the soap. It was okay, and definitely not bad for my first attempt, but it wasn't spectacular by any means.

I didn't homeschool today. I am doing it about 3 days a week right now since Evie is only in Kindergarten. So far she already has way more days in than most kindergarten kids get, and she is learning a lot. She is writing all the letters of the alphabet, and she is starting to read. I can't believe how fast she is growing! Time really does fly by!

Well, I had better close for now. I need to go get some lunch!

Evie's missing tooth

I wanted to post this picture just because she looks so cute :). She actually lost her tooth the day after Thanksgiving, and the new one is growing in already. It was her first missing tooth though, so it was a big milestone.