Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still very cold today

Lots and lots of snow. Jeff left on business for Atlanta for 3 days. I miss him already! Evie and I tried to go out and build a snowman today, but the snow was way too powdery and wouldn't pack. We will have to try again tomorrow. Poor Sierra is having a hard time with the snow. When she goes outside, snow gets packed between her toes, and her paws hurt her. She comes inside and has to chew the snow off her paws. I should really check into getting some kind of boots or something for her, as this happens to her every year. The poor thing. Dolly is the fortunate pet...she gets to stay inside all the time. She is going to be 9 this year, and she is getting quite large around the middle. She has to be the loudest cat that ever lived. She meows SO loud. Evie loves her to pieces though (and sometimes squeezes her hard enough for her to be in pieces!), and Dolly is so patient with her. She looks so thrilled in the picture doesn't she? LOL.

Well, I got really sick of the side sweep bangs. They were driving me crazy. I decided to go back to my normal bangs. They look a bit messy in this picture, but at least they soften my look. I felt like I looked so harsh with the side sweep bangs. I hope Jeff likes them!


Jules said...

Hi, Jen. I love your new bangs. I go through the same thing myself - start growing out my bangs to side swept bangs then trim them back to eyebrow length (or in my case shorter because I always cut too much). I think you look great either way. I'm sure DH will love them.

Jeff said...

Very nice. I like them too. I agree the swoop thing was a little harsh. Very, very gorgeous. Of course I am biased.

Love, Jeff

SchnauzerMom said...

My dog is a mini schnauzer and she has a problem similar to your dogs. Snow sticks to her fur, she hates to go out in the snow. Your little girl is so cute. I really like the way you look with bangs. But then I'm partial to bangs, always had them.