Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More pet problems

I'm sorry I haven't commented on all of your comments. I wanted to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. This week unfortunately hasn't been very good. Last Wednesday I caught Daisy eating something, but couldn't get to her in time to get it out of her mouth. The next day she started throwing up, and finally after throwing up about 7 times she brought up 2 elastic hair bands that were tied together (Evie had been playing with them and tied them together). I thought she would be fine after that, but she seemed really lethargic. I gave her homemade pedialyte in a dropper to keep her hydrated. Friday we took her in, and they did x-rays. They said they didn't see any blockage, and they gave her a shot of anti-nausea medicine. The next day she seemed almost like her old self. The vet told us to wait to feed her until morning. We did, and she gobbled it down. A few hours later, the shot wore off (it was good for 24 hours). She started throwing up again. I spent 2 days doing the pedialyte thing with a dropper. She wouldn't eat, and when she did, she threw it up. We took her to the vet yesterday (he was not our usual vet, but was the same office). He basically gave us 2 options: Surgery to see if there is a blockage or hospitalize her. We couldn't afford to do either one. We have already spent almost $400 already, and the costs were out of this world to hospitalize her or do surgery. We are talking in the thousands. So they agreed to give her another shot of the anti-nausea medicine and send her home. She stopped throwing up, but when the meds wore off today, she threw up again. I have been giving her droppers full of pedialyte ever 15-30 minutes. Today when we called the vet, they said it was either the surgery or euthanasia. I keep questioning if it is just a case of gastritis, where her stomach is so irrated from all the throwing up that she doesn't want to eat, and when she does it just causes more irriation which makes her throw up. They said that couldn't be possible. HOW COULD THAT NOT BE POSSIBLE???? When a human throws up for days and days, they don't usually feel like eating either! They did agree to give us 4 days worth of anti-nausea medicine. I just gave it to her. I am going to try feeding her homemade cooked pureed chicken and some kefir (like yogurt) very slowly and see how she does. I don't even want to think about euthanasia. We just lost a pet last week! Ugh. Please pray.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sad day

We had to put Dolly to sleep today. She was so sick, and so skinny. She has always been around 13 pounds, but today when they weighed her she was down to 6 pounds. I have never had to put a pet down before. I was with my elderly neighbor when her dog was put down. Her dog had been hit by a car, and we rushed it to the vet, but he was too far gone. I went in the room with her while she said goodbye, and while they put the dog to sleep. It was really sad, but it is so different when it is your own pet laying there on the table. It is a mix of peaceful and awful. Peaceful knowing that your pet isn't going to suffer anymore, but awful that you are losing your pet.

Dolly has been with me for a long time. I got her from a farm when she was just a 3 month old kitten. We named her Dolly because she always loved to be held like a doll baby. She would even let me hold her like that and rock with her. We got her shortly after my second miscarriage, and she was such a comfort for me. She has been my lap kitty. If I sat down, Dolly would always come to sit on my lap within about 5 minutes, even when she started getting sick. She purred the minute I said her name or touched her. I always joked that she was part dog because she always came when you called her, and she would greet us at the door. The past several months she stopped greeting us at the door. We always found her laying down on the bath rug in our bathroom. Several times I was sure she wasn't alive. Her quality of life was not good, and I didn't want her to suffer. Jeff and Evie went with me to the vet, but they waited in the waiting room while I went in. She was still purring and rubbing on me in the vets office, even though she didn't feel good. The vet was so nice, and so loving. She sedated her first, so Dolly just laid there peacefully. They gave me some time alone with her while she was sedated. I had to laugh because Dolly passed some of the worst gas ever when she was sedated. It helped me a bit through the process because it was funny. The vet and I couldn't help but laugh because the smell was soooo bad. I went through times of bawling my head off today and times where I was fine. I keep remembering all the funny things she did, like drinking water with her paw. She would dip her paw in her water bowl and lick it off. She almost never drank water with her mouth in the bowl. When she wanted us to get up in the morning, she would get in our face, meow, and take her paw and nudge us over and over. Whenever I sat at the dinner table, she would sit up with her back paws on the floor and her front paws on my chair, and she would poke me with her paw and meow for food. Kinda like she was saying, "Hey, what about my food!" When we came back to the house today, I kept expecting to see her laying on the couch. When I walked in the kitchen, I kept expecting her to walk in and meow for food. I feel such a sadness right now, but I am happy she isn't in pain anymore. I lost a good friend today.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walking in a winter wonderland

I was going to title this, "Sitting inside a warm house while looking out at a window wonderland", but that was way too long :). We were supposed to get a huge blizzard yesterday. People kept calling it "Snowmageddon". It really wasn't that big of a deal though. They closed schools today, and the wind whipped for awhile yesterday. We got about a foot more of snow last night, but not much more today. Church is cancelled for tonight, but things should be back to normal tomorrow. It sure is pretty. Here is a picture from my front windows.

On a hilarous note, Evie was wearing some jammies last night that my mom and dad got her for Christmas. My mom had ironed on Evie's name on the jammie shirt, and it looked so cute with her name on it...until we washed it. Mom, if you are reading this, I washed it in cold water on gentle, and the letters still got warped. Anyways, last night, Evie was running around with her jammies on and being goofy. Then all of the sudden, I realized what her shirt now said now that the letters were warped from washing. I started laughing so hard, and so did Jeff. I took this picture, with Evie hamming it up for the camera for added effect. I was going to fix the red eye, but I thought it just added to the whole "look". Okay, here it is......

wait for it......

wait for it......

Can you read what her shirt says???????