Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair, there and everywhere

It has been an interesting last few days. Dolly has been sick, and yesterday I was giving her homemade Pedialyte every 30 minutes. She is much better today and finally eating and drinking. I am so glad she is better! It is no fun having sick kids or sick animals!

Today was a girly girl salon day for Evie and I. I pretended that we were at the salon, and I did her nails and toes. We did it outside because it was still cooler out. Then we went inside and I put mascara and lipstick on her. She wanted to do her own hair because I was messing with mine. I was shocked at how grown up she looked! It gave me a glimpse of what she will look like at 15 :). Putting mascara on her was way fun. She has eyelashes that just keep on going!

My bangs have been really bugging me, so I decided to do a bit of a change. At first I trimmed them so that they would lay more normally. I wanted to be able to wear them side swooped, but also all down if I wanted to. This was my first attempt after the trim. I wish I would have put my hair up for the first pic, because my goal was to soften my look with my hair up. The second and third picture are when I wore my bangs all down, but had my hair up. Don't you think that third picture is super flattering??? lol!

After Evie and I checked out the pics, I didn't like the bangs! I couldn't figure out why. I don't like how my hair looks when I wear it up, especially from the front, so that didn't help. I wanted to try and soften the look when my hair is up, since I wear it up so often (especially in the summer). So after I saw these pics, I added a bit more into the bangs, and gave me some more whispy's. When my hair is down, you can't see the whispy's. Here is a pic with a side sweep, and one with my bangs more down.

I haven't figured out if I like it yet or not. I hate how I look in pictures, especially with my hair up. I guess I am ultra picky about myself. Anyways, let me know what you all think!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy busy busy!

It has been a very busy last few days. We have not had any rain at all, and it has been really hot. It was in the high 90's all week. I have been trying to weed, which isn't fun when it is 95 degrees outside. I got 2 zucchini's the other day off my plants, and my tomatoes are all green, but growing. My peppers also have little peppers on them. I can't wait until they are big enough to pick. I love summer veggies!

I spent a good part of the day baking today. Since Jeff is gone during the week, I have been making him dinners to take with him so he doesn't have to eat out at night. So I made 3 meals for him, along with veggies and salads. Then I made 2 loaves of gluten free bread, some gluten free muffins, a gluten free peach pie, and some popovers. It was a busy day! I love getting a lot accomplished like that though. Jeff was working in the yard today, and Evie was playing with neighbor kids, so it was a perfect time for me to get stuff done.

With all the heat, and with the weirdness of my life right now, I almost chopped my hair this week. I actually was holding the scissors, but decided against it. I saw this cute layered cut that was bra strap length. I knew I shouldn't make decisions though when my life seems crazy. I am almost back to tailbone length again. My bangs are really long. I'm trying to grow them out enough to where I can sweep them to the side and tuck them behind my one ear. So far they are to my nose, and at times are bugging me big time. But I am trying to stick to it. I'll have to post a picture to see what you all think.

Evie was playing dress up with Si Si the other day. I laughed pretty hard when I saw this.....

She kinda looks like Wonder Woman doesn't she? Lol. She kept it on for about 15 minutes, just walking around the house like that. Then she got annoyed with it and took it off with her paw :).

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I took my blog off the privacy setting. It was getting to be a huge pain because I had to sign in just to be able to read any comments. If it was a pain for me, I'm sure it was a pain for my regular blog readers! I haven't been the best blogger in the world have I? Our life has been in a bit of an upheaval. I moved back with Evie to our house about a month ago, and we took the house off the market. We didn't want to sell it until we knew where we were going to be going. The interview that looked so promising for Jeff didn't end up panning out. They offered the job to someone else. Basically we live in an area with super high unemployment (which officially is 15% here, but realistically is more like 20%). People are leaving this area in droves due to no jobs. Jeff is finding out that the jobs he interviews for end up going to someone willing to take about $40,000 less than what the job really should be paying. His job he has now (that is in the town we used to live in) is going to be ending soon. The company is shutting down, so Jeff is looking again for jobs. He has 3 months to find a job. He has had some interviews, and one promising one near where his job is now. So we may still be moving. We know God has a good plan in all this!

We have tried to keep some sense of normal for Evie this summer. We have had lots and lots of playdates with other kids, we have gone to the park so many times I can't count, and we have had fun on weekends when Daddy is home. A few weeks ago, we all camped out in the backyard. We didn't get much sleep, but it was a lot of fun.

July started blueberry season. We went to our local patch and bought 60 pounds of organic blueberries. They are so yummy! We also bought 4 blueberry bushes, so we can start our own blueberry patch. I froze 34 quart bags worth of blueberries, so that should last nicely through the winter.

My garden has been doing great. We downscaled the side yard garden, and I planted as much as I could in the backyard. Here is my huge zucchini, planted in the back. The pole beans are behind the zucchini.

Here are my pole beans and zucchini, and some of my small pepper plants that are getting bigger every day. They are purple, orange and red peppers, and I am praying they will do well, despite the slow start. I planted them from seed inside, but didn't start soon enough.

Here are my bigger green pepper plants that I got locally. They are heirloom plants, and they seem really healthy.

I tried to cram stuff where I could in my flower beds. The poles you see are where I planted climbing cucumbers. They are finally starting to get going after having bunnies nibbling at them like crazy.

Here is my garden in my side yard. The tomatoes are doing wonderful! I ended up having to buy the plants locally because my seedlings died. They are heirlooms, and are starting to produce some tomatoes already. I also planted potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin in this garden. By the way, April, if you read this, I just wanted to thank you for the suggestion of Baker Creek Seeds. The stuff I planted from their seeds are the healthiest plants I have ever had! So thank you!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far!