Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy busy busy!

It has been a very busy last few days. We have not had any rain at all, and it has been really hot. It was in the high 90's all week. I have been trying to weed, which isn't fun when it is 95 degrees outside. I got 2 zucchini's the other day off my plants, and my tomatoes are all green, but growing. My peppers also have little peppers on them. I can't wait until they are big enough to pick. I love summer veggies!

I spent a good part of the day baking today. Since Jeff is gone during the week, I have been making him dinners to take with him so he doesn't have to eat out at night. So I made 3 meals for him, along with veggies and salads. Then I made 2 loaves of gluten free bread, some gluten free muffins, a gluten free peach pie, and some popovers. It was a busy day! I love getting a lot accomplished like that though. Jeff was working in the yard today, and Evie was playing with neighbor kids, so it was a perfect time for me to get stuff done.

With all the heat, and with the weirdness of my life right now, I almost chopped my hair this week. I actually was holding the scissors, but decided against it. I saw this cute layered cut that was bra strap length. I knew I shouldn't make decisions though when my life seems crazy. I am almost back to tailbone length again. My bangs are really long. I'm trying to grow them out enough to where I can sweep them to the side and tuck them behind my one ear. So far they are to my nose, and at times are bugging me big time. But I am trying to stick to it. I'll have to post a picture to see what you all think.

Evie was playing dress up with Si Si the other day. I laughed pretty hard when I saw this.....

She kinda looks like Wonder Woman doesn't she? Lol. She kept it on for about 15 minutes, just walking around the house like that. Then she got annoyed with it and took it off with her paw :).


SchnauzerMom said...

I'm glad you didn't chop your hair off It is so beautiful. Sounds like your garden is doing very well. Your dog looks so cute that way.

Kelly said...

Your dog is a true saint. LOL not many dogs would put up with that. And I'm glad you didn't chop at your hair. I've done that myself, it always happens when life is a bit crazy and you just want a change.
And that is a great idea cooking for your hubby so when he's away he can eat home cooked meals. Healthier and cheaper.

April said...

Lol! Wonder Woman for sure! She looks so happy in the picture too!

Your cooking has me really looking forward to having more time at home. I made some gluten free, sugar free brownies the other day and they were sooo good... sweetened with that birch sweetener you recommended. I can't wait to start making my own breads too since they're so expensive to buy pre-made. Mike has really adjusted to being gluten free 100% at home and most of the time elsewhere. Yay!

That's great you make meals like that for Jeff. And you know it's way better than what he'd end up getting if he ate out.

Your garden sounds like it's coming along great. Isn't it exciting? :) I'm picking green beans every other day now. Mike is probably going to hate green beans after this summer! Lol...

Jen said...

SM - Thank you for the compliment! So far I haven't chopped (just a little bit of bangs and whispy's).

Kelly - She really is such a good and patient dog. She puts up with so much! I am learning not to chop when stressed because I always regret it.

April - your brownies sound yummy! Jeff has been asking me to make him some brownies. That is SO wonderful that Mike is adjusting so well to gluten free! I was amazed when I looked at your blog and saw how much weight he lost. He looks great!