Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't been on here to respond to your comments and questions. It has been a crazy week and a half! I was dropper feeding Daisy round the clock. Well, praise the Lord, she is totally fine!!! It really does seem like it was a gastritis issue, which the vet said was "impossible". She is eating now on her own, and she is using the litterbox!! Last night she attacked Evie's feet (playfully), so we knew she was fine :). Lol. When she first pooped, I never knew I could be so excited to see cat poop :). Evie and I jumped up and down and cheered because we knew there was no blockage! Needless to say, after this experience, I am not planning on going back to that vet ever again. What a horrible, horrible experience. If it were up to him, she would have been put down. He owned the vet clinic that we had been going to for years. For some reason, we have never had him as our vet. We always had a wonderful woman who was very caring. Unfortunately, we didn't have her this time, we had him. When we decided against the surgery, he basically threatened us. He told the nurse to tell us that if Daisy wasn't put down (they gave us 2 days to "think about it") that they would do something about it. I would assume that means calling Animal Control. It was all pretty maddening, especially considering that I was feeding her liquids and liquified food every 15-45 minutes for an entire week, working my hardest to keep her alive. I really wanted to call them and give them a piece of my mind, but I knew it wasn't worth it, and not exactly Christ-like. I did call them to tell them she was completely fine, and they seemed extremely shocked.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. It is SO GOOD to see our little Daisy healthy again!!