Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a real zoo around here

Our life is a bit of a zoo, and we went to the zoo :). I guess I should give an update on our wild life. Jeff ended up quitting his job a week ago to take another job that starts tomorrow. What is interesting is that this job is a former employer. He worked for them 4 years ago before we moved back up to be near family. They were really wanting him to come back, and actually called HIM! At first he wasn't open at all, but the more he prayed about it, the more he felt like God was leading him to take the job. So it looks like we are moving back to the small town we moved from 4 years ago. It is 2 hours away from family, which isn't too awfully bad. I will really miss our families though. I have really enjoyed being so close. One nice thing is that we know lots and lots of people in the town we are moving to, and it is a small, rural, safe community. There are quite a few people we know who homeschool, which will be great. Evie already has friends there, and she is actually super excited to be moving back. We are putting the house up for sale in about a week. Jeff planted grass seed in our garden area and covered it with straw. I did a lot of groaning when he did that. All that work for nothing! Ugh! We are looking at renting a house that has 1 acre of property. It is a log cabin that is in a very small town near the town Jeff will be working. We went through it, and talked with the owners who were super nice people. They have been trying to sell the place for a year and can't sell it, so they are open to renting it. There is a huge garden area already on the property, so if we get to move quick enough, I will still get to have my garden. We really need to sell our house first before we rent. We are praying that our house will sell super fast.

Friday, Jeff and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We took Evie to the zoo, and had a lot of fun. The flowering trees were absolutely gorgeous, and they were planted all along the walking paths all throughout the zoo. The lilacs were in full bloom, and smelled SO good. The animals were really interesting this time! Here is the white Bengal Tiger. She was pretty relaxed, as you can see :).

Makes you just want to scratch her belly doesn't it??

Here is a picture of Evie and I by one of the huge lilac bushes. I wish you could smell how wonderful it smelled!

We got quite a laugh out of this portly Prairie Dog. He or she just sat there like this, on his behind with his feet out eating for quite awhile.

And here is a wild domestic shorthair....oh wait, this isn't a zoo pic. Lol. Don't you just love the way Daisy is sitting??

Daisy was being really cuddly this afternoon, so Evie wanted to take my picture with her. Daisy turns a year old in about a week. Dolly turns 11 tomorrow, and Sierra turns 7 on May 1st. My pets are getting older :(.

It is going to be a very busy week, as we take stuff to storage and get the house ready to sell. We know God has a great plan!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lots of changes

I haven't been the best blogger in the world lately. Maybe because my life is in a bit of an upheaval. Three weeks ago, Jeff took a job that is about 2 hours away from where we live. He was near the end of receiving unemployment, so he felt like he had to take the job. We have been seeing each other on weekends, but that is pretty much it. We are really thankful for the income, but it has been a really hard time. He is looking at the job as temporary, partly because he hates the job, and it is a big step back from what he was doing before. We are talking about possibly moving, as he interviewed for a different job in the same area. We are waiting to hear about a job he interviewed for here. They told him he is their top contender, but they are taking their own sweet time making their decision. The guy who is making the decisions in on spring break this week, so we are praying that next week he will be ready to make a decision. Otherwise, there isn't much available where we live. Even though we were unsure about what is going to happen, we decided to go ahead and get a garden ready. If he gets the job here, then we will have a great garden. If not, we will have to put sod over the garden spot when we go to sell the house. We did a 15' x 38' plot. It doesn't look that big, but it is pretty good sized. Plus I am still going to plant stuff in the back yard where my garden was last year. Jeff planted the arborvita's along the road after we planted the garden, so that we will have some privacy as they grow. The garden is in part of our side yard. We have a huge side yard, and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste! We are going to have to fence in the garden because the bunnies are all over the place here.

The weather here has been pretty crazy. All last week, and the beginning of this week it was in the 70's and 80's. Now that everything is blooming and coming out, it is supposed to snow! UGH! We have lived here 4 years, and not once have I ever been able to see our magnolia tree in full bloom because this happens EVERY year! The magnolia has about 5 open blooms that are a deep purple, and tonight it is supposed to frost :(. Evie went out yesterday and played in the rain. I had to take her picture because she is wearing Jeff's big rubber boots and Jeff's rain jacket :).

Here are some pics from Easter. I hope you all had a nice one!