Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Hair Toys

I have really fallen in love with Flexi-8 hair barrettes. They are super comfortable, hair-friendly, and so pretty! For Christmas this year, my wonderful hubby got me two different ones. One is a small size for partial updos, and another one is for ponytail type updos. I now have 4 of the Flexi-8's and use them all the time. As I am sitting here typing this, my husband just saw my blog title. He said I should have a picture of some rabbits with some toys around them. Get it? Hare toys? Ha ha :).


April said...

Lol... silly husband. :)

I've never tried a flexi-8. Does it stay in your hair all by itself in a pony like that? That would be super nice. The ones you have go so well with your hair color. I've also seen the flex-8's worn to keep up buns and other updos... it looks quite flexible (thus the name?) :)

SchnauzerMom said...

Oooo those are very pretty, what nice gifts!

Jules said...

I love Flexi-8s especially for half ups (I can't get an elastic into my hair without snagging a million other hairs now) but I find they cut my hair for pony tails. I still use them for the ocasional pony but they tend to slip a little (I need more volume!) and I have to keep repositioning them. Yours look very nice.

Jen said...

Hi April! Yes, they stay in my hair by itself pretty well. The ponytail does slip a bit if it is just a pony, but not as bad as some of my other hair toys. Most of the time I rope braid the tail, and then it doesn't move at all. They are fairly flexible, and have about 3 notches in them to choose the tightness. I love them!

Hi SchnauzerMom, and thank you! He knows how much I love hair stuff :). Your hair is getting long! It looks beautiful :)!

Hi Jules! So you find that they cause breakage when you wear them for ponytails? With my larger one, I can't use it for ponytails. I had to get the medium size. Even then, I still braid the tail to keep it from slipping. You were actually the one who got me into the flexi-8's! I saw one in your hair and thought it was so beautiful. I got two of them as a gift last year, and loved them!

Jules said...

Well I'm honoured that you still wanted a Flexi-8 after seeing one in my hair. My hair is nothing compared to yours. Yours is such a gorgeous colour and so long. If I had to choose just three hair items to take to a desert island I would choose my Mason Pearson comb for detangling, a hairstick for updos, and a Flexi-8 for half ups and for securing the end of braids.

As to the slippage problem, I might try rope braiding my pony and seeing if that works. I thought I must have lost a lot of volume because I didn't have this problem when I started using Flexis but I think my more recent purchases have been slightly larger even though they are all meant to be the same size. Actually I'm not sure if the breakage is real or not. I've noticed that the finer hairs around the edge of the pony get caught and I assumed they were cutting the hairs but I don't think I've ever noticed any broken off hairs. I still use them for a pony because they are still more secure and hair friendly than any thing else I've found. And I like to use the larger sizes for updos and for when I do a braid and then roll it up. It's so secure for work and a change from a straight updo.

Jen said...

Jules, your hair is beautiful! You and I have very similar texture and wave. I think we are both at the same hair length too (tailbone?). I have always admired your hair. And the flexi-8's just jazz it up and make it look more beautiful :).