Thursday, October 21, 2010


This week I took a much needed vacation from just about everything. Evie has had way too much going on, to the point where she was wired and overstimulated. We both needed a break, so I took the week off from homeschooling. I am very seriously considering year round homeschooling. I looked at this one woman's schedule online, and she takes a 2 week break after every 8 weeks of homeschooling, and then she takes 2 weeks off for Christmas and 1 week off for spring break. She takes a month off in the summer. I modified the schedule, just playing around to see what I could come up with. I have gotten burned out easily with homeschooling because of the sensory issues Evie has. I came up with a schedule where I took a week break after every 4 weeks of homeschooling (instead of the 2 weeks after 8 weeks that the woman that I read about did). To me, 1 week is a good vacation! Besides the week off after every 4 weeks of homeschooling, I figured in 2 weeks off for Christmas, and a month off in summer. It worked out to be 180 homeschool days, which is what is required. This way I am not constantly looking forward to summer. I get a nice break in summer, but not so much that I lose motivation. We are going to try it and see how it works. I really like the flexibility of homeschooling.

I am finding that I need to do more to meet Evie's sensory needs. Evie was diagnosed as what is called a "sensory seeker". She craves sensory input, and her sensory nervous system is basically screaming at her all day long for more input. It has been a really challenging past few weeks for us. Some ways to help with the sensory issues is to let her squeeze special squeezy balls, hit punching bags, swing in special swings, play tug of war, and do therapeutic horseback riding. I am thinking I need to invest in an indoor swing, and a punching bags. The squeezy balls are a challenge. She usually pops them really quick. We bought one once at a store, and she popped it in line after we paid for it! I took a picture of Evie at her therapeutic riding class a few weeks ago. I wish my camera took better pictures in the arena, but the lighting there is really crazy. She really enjoys horseback riding, and it is really calming for her.

Last weekend we got to meet our new addition to our family. We got to meet our new baby cousin, who was adopted from China. She is about 10 months old, and is soooo precious!

Evie got to hold her, and she just relaxed in Evie's arms. It was so sweet. She is blowing bubbles in this picture :). I got to hold her twice, even though there were about 50 people there. I wish I could have held her even longer! She is such a precious baby girl!


SchnauzerMom said...

Homeschooling sounds like a real challenge to me. I'm impressed that you are able to do it. Your niece is adorable!

Jules said...

Our school terms are 10 weeks long and then we have a two week break. At Christmas time (our summer) we have a six week break. As a parent and a teacher, by the end of those 10 weeks we are really ready for a two week break. So I think your idea is a good one. You're not tied to the school schedule so why not make it so that it works for you?

BTW, I've had 'body parts' to cook up too that barely fit any of my pans. But I'm not complaining! My freezer is virtually empty so I'm hoping DH wants to do some hunting when he gets back.

April said...

You sure have your hands full. I'm with SM and am impressed that you are able to do all that you do! The schedule you're thinking about makes a lot of sense and sounds like it would work for you much better.

I'm glad the horseback riding is good for Evie; she seems to really love it!

Your niece reminds me of Margot (my grandaughter). She's a little doll-face isn't she? Awww... babies are sooo sweet.

Mike has been bringing home fresh fish lately. One of his customers at the shop is giving them to him for free just because he likes to fish and can't eat them all. He's an old man and is just thrilled that somebody wants his fish. They're only bream and kinda boney, but they make a meal! If someone gave Mike a deer, we'd have to plug the freezer in downstairs. I don't think I'd like it (seein' as I don't eat mammal meat), but I think Mike would love it.

Kelly said...

I think your homeschooling plan sounds great. I mean that's the point of homeschooling isn't it? Adapting to a child,and the parent's needs? Good luck.
Evie look so natural on that horse! I'll bet she wishes she could do that everyday!
The baby is just adorable!

Jen said...

SM, it is challenging, but really worth it. God gives me the strength to do it each day!

Jules, I think I need to eventually get different pans :)! Or just figure out how to get deer legs into a pot better. I hope your hubby gets your freezer filled soon.

April, your granddaughter is so adorable. There is something so pretty about babies who have Asian heritage, or similar features like Asian. It seems to be the dominant gene too. I have seen several parents who have one white parent and one with Asian or Phillipino, or another type of similar heritage. The kids have marked features of the ethnic parent, and the kids are always so beautiful.

Wow, free fish! You can't beat that :). Are you eating it too? I hope Mike's business is going well! I keep praying :).

Kelly, that is what I love about homeschooling. There is such a freedom when it comes to the schedule. Evie would LOVE to have a horse. I'm thinking they might not allow that in our subdivision though. lol!

Kelly said...

Char wants to put a horse, "a small horse mommy" in our back yard so I know what you mean!!!! ;-)

Jen said...

Well, a "small" horse wouldn't be too noticeable, would it?? Lol :)!