Monday, September 5, 2011

So much to do.....

We are just all tired out! lol :).
I haven't had much time to blog lately. I finally finished all the paperwork for the adoption, and we are sending it this week!! Yay!! Between that, and canning, it has been a really busy time. I canned 20 pints of salsa, 28 quarts of pickles, 25 quarts of peaches, and 7 quarts of tomato sauce so far, along with drying herbs. See why I am not blogging? lol! The garden has been so good this year. I am so thankful. My tomatoes have been late, but I have been getting some from Jeff's parents. Mine are loaded on the vines, but are just now turning. I am only going to do sauce and chunks. I am done with salsa. I still have applesauce, pearsauce and grape juice to do, so fall is going to be busy!

We start homeschooling tomorrow. I had planned on starting it in August, but I wanted a little bit more vacation time. This time around, we are NOT going to homeschool year round! That did not work well at all. The breaks during the year were great, but once summer hit, it was so hard to get it done! We didn't get our 180 days in until the end of July, but we did finish. This time I am hoping to go Labor Day through Memorial Day, with very few breaks in between. That way we get a long summer.

On a hair related note, I am trying some new products to try and bring out my curls. They are from Jessicurl. Since I am trying to save as much money as I can for the adoption, I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay to get the money for the hair products :). I ordered this stuff called Rockin Ringlets, and Confident Coils. I had a sample of the Confident Coils, and was so happy with the results! My waves really came out, and stayed very nice without frizz. If I worked on it, I could get some nice curls too. I was fighting the wavies before, but decided again to try and embrace them. My hair is just not ever going to be straight unless I straighten it with a flat iron, which takes way too much time and kills the hair. So, I guess I'm a wavy girl!


SchnauzerMom said...

You certainly have been busy. I hope the adoption goes well and you have a new family member soon.

April said...

I LOVE that picture of Jeff and Daisy... how cute. :)

Whoa, you have really been canning! I did my very first canning this past weekend - 6 quart jars of seasoned tomato sauce! Woohoo! I'm so excited to open the jar and see how it actually tastes after the canning process, wondering if there is much difference. I will be canning more, but I'm not sure I could keep up with you! Plus, I need a bigger kitchen and pantry! :)

I love Jessicurl products. I used to use them a lot and still do when I want to bring out my weak waves - especially Rockin' Ringlets. I love the smell of the products I got and it does help establish and keep the waves. You must post pictures when you're rockin' your ringlets. :)

winterwren said...

Hey, Jen!

I was just thinking about you! Last week I made freezer jam and was wishing that I "knew how to can like Jen." Really, you are amazing. I was also reminded of you while looking at my inherited copy of the Pepperidge Farm cookbook (the original from 1963.) The last third is devoted to Margaret Rudkin's antique cookbook collection and there is a quote that I like--it is from "An Epistle to the Ladies" written in 1661:

"Mesdames, I have always had much esteem for your virtue, which is particularly praiseworthy because you have made it your custom to persevere in the task of regulating your family so well that you are admired everywhere for the conduct of your government, and I am so strongly persuaded to honor you when I consider that it is by your economies that your homes retain their splendor and indeed are greatly increased in their glory by the good order which you maintain. Because truthfully the gentlemen, your husbands, would trouble themselves in vain to acquire much wealth if you did not dispense it usefully."

That was written for members of the French aristocracy, but I think it is just as true of you! I liked the quote so much I copied it inside my little grocery/meal planning notebook.

It is most wonderful that you finished your paperwork. I hope the adoption process goes quickly and smoothly.

Jen said...

SM - thanks so much! We are praying things go really smoothly :).

April - Do you use the seasoned tomato sauce like you would spaghetti sauce? I hope it turns out great for you! Some days I get so tired from canning that I wonder if it is all worth it. In the winter it is worth it, I know, but in the middle of serious fatigue, I wonder!

I ordered the Island Fantasy scent, which they said smelled like pineapple and coconuts. It is supposed to come next week! Right now I am just using the Confident Coils, and it makes my hair very wavy.

Winterwren - Aww, you are so sweet! Oh my word, you made my whole week! That was such a nice thing for you to write. In today's society, I feel like a bit of an oddball, so what you wrote really encouraged me. So many women think that canning, freezing and gardening are worthless wastes of time. I can't tell you how many people I have heard say, "I can go to the store and buy the same thing, and not have to waste my time doing it all myself." Some days I want to throw in the towel and just buy the stuff, but I know that it is SO much healthier (and cost effective) to do things myself. And you should be proud that you did your own freezer jam! That is a great start! Thank you again for your very, very encouraging words!!