Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hurricane Zeke

I think my little Zeke is going through the equivalent of the terrible twos in cat years. Oh my word, he is crazy!! Seriously fun, but CRAZY!! He wakes up yowling his little head off. I still haven't figured out what he wants. I will hold him, and he will purr up a storm, then want down. He then will go tearing through the house like a hurricane. Here he is hiding under a pillow, attacking a wadded up kleenex....

I actually was able to take this picture without it being a blur. He is usually moving, so it has been hard to get a picture of him lately!
Evie has been having fun with him. She decided he looked cold, so she put one of her doll jackets on him. He looks so thrilled, doesn't he? Lol. Super cool cat!
He was moving when I took this picture below. You can see how big he is getting! He is already almost as big as Daisy, and he has been quite a little brut lately. He keeps wrestling with her so much that she is getting annoyed. The mommy/baby loving phase has ended. He just wants to wrestle!
Here is one of my ginormous Zucchini Rampacante from my garden. Jeff said it looked like one of those horns the men blow out on the Ricola cough drop commercials!
Unfortunately, that might be the ONLY one I get out of my garden. The squash borers are in full destroy mode. After getting only 5 or 6 zucchini from my Black Beauty plants, they now look like this....
Yep, almost flattened to the ground, with wilted leaves. They also found my Sweet Dumpling squash. You can tell in the picture below by the yellowing leaves. I am hoping I can still salvage that plant, as there are several small squashes on them that aren't ripe yet. I HATE SQUASH VINE BORERS!!
From what I have heard, this year has been a challenging gardening season for many. My mother-in-law lost all of her squash this year to the squash borer too. I think the drought made them worse than normal. So far, my cucumbers are still doing well. I have a whole separate hill that I planted later in the season that is just now flowering. I also have my other 2 hills that are producing well. I have been making lots of fermented cucumbers. I have about 10 jars so far that I have made. I love that I don't have to process them! They are so easy, and are really crispy and good. Here are two jars that are still in the fermenting phase...
I haven't canned much this year. The peaches in our area did terrible, so I didn't do any this year. It is the first year in many that I haven't done any. I still have a few canned, and a few in the freezer. We don't tend to eat as many peaches as we do berries. I still got my usual strawberries and blueberries. I'm not sure if I will do apples or pears this year either. Our area was hit so hard with frost that I'm not sure there will be any. Also, I don't want to buy the non-organic ones anymore unless I have to. They are so heavily sprayed with pesticides, and Evie doesn't do well with that. I'm hoping I can find some organic sources, even if they are a bit more expensive.

Evie has been having a pretty good summer. It has been so hot that we haven't spent much time outside. It has been cooler this past week (in the high 80's instead of the 100's), so she has been able to go out in the hot tub more. When it was in the 100's, the hot tub got to over 100 degrees, even though the heat was turned off. It didn't feel refreshing at all! She loves to take all of her Barbies in the hot tub with her and play :).

We start homeschooling in 2 weeks. Evie will be in 5th grade this year. The summer is going by way too fast!!


April said...

Zeke sounds just like Dusty! All he wants to do is wrestle and Sophie won't put up with it. He's bigger than she is and just such a BOY. She is graceful and fluid; he just plops down on the floor like a GUY. It's so funny. Zeke is getting very handsome. I laughed out loud when you described his antics - and the photos are great. HA!

Wow, I love the looooong zucchini. My plants are now totally GONE. Same problem as yours... the cursed vine borers. But at least I got quite a bit frozen, so it was worth it I guess. And my cucumbers are almost gone too because of other bugs even though I sprayed and sprayed. It can be quite frustrating that's for sure.

Today I'm making tomato sauce; I used the Vitamix to do it the quickest way possible since I have so many tomatoes to process. I also froze a bunch of beans and peppers. I don't know how I'm going to handle the garden and processing the veggies now that I got a job! Yes, I got a job... wrote a bit about it on my blog.

Joyce said...

We are missing you guys!

How are fermented cucs different than pickles?

The neighbors have been sharing tomatoes, and we have been enjoying them. So thankful for fresh, home grown goodies. God is so good to us!