Monday, March 17, 2008

Dell Sweet Dell

I didn't end up having to send my laptop in. My hubby got on the phone with the Dell company, and they remotely accessed my computer and fixed it! Ah, technology. Unfortunately, I have been gone so much that I haven't been online very often!

Thursday and Friday were teasers here when it came to the weather. I went over to Jeff's parents house because Jeff was in Las Vegas on business, and I took Evie and Sierra. We were outside almost the entire day. It was in the 60's, and beautiful. Jeff's parents live on almost 10 acres of land, and I let Sie-Sie just roam without a leash. She would go super far away, and I would call her back to me just to watch her run! She would run full speed and look just like Lassie :). I started calling her that by the end of the day on Thursday, and Evie says we should switch her name to Lassie. Jeff's parents live next to a horse pasture. There are 3 horses in the pasture, and one is super friendly and always comes up to us when we walk to the fence. Sie-Sie was with us, and the horse actually stuck his head way over the fence until he was nose to nose with Sie-Sie. Sie-Sie quickly sat down, and didn't move. I wish I had my camera with me! They were nose to nose for about 10 seconds. It was so cute. It was wonderful being outside in the sunshine. The past few days are cold and gloomy again. I am really getting ready for spring.

Jeff has been gone off and on for over a month now on business. He doesn't normally travel like this, and I have to say that I really hate it. I miss him so much when he is gone. I know Evie really misses him too.

Well, I had better finish up here on the computer. I have been online for a LONG time. Evie has been playing, but she is getting bored, so I should go play with her. For those of you who have made comments on my blog, thank you for your kind words! One of these days I will get around to replying to you if I get a chance!

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