Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm ready for spring

We got a teasing of warmer weather last night and today. It was in the 50's. The snow all melted overnight, and now there is some area flooding. It is nice to see the grass again! It is supposed to get cold again tonight and snow again. I do love the beauty of the snow, but this winter has been quite long it seems.

Evie is getting close to losing her second tooth. It keeps getting wiggly, and then it will tighten up again, then will get wiggly again. One of these days she will lose it, but it is taking a long time!

My bedroom is a total disaster because of something that happened last night. Jeff was playing in the other room with Evie, and we both heard this huge crashing sound coming from our bedroom. The entire closet fell down! Basically the rod, holding all of our clothes came out from the wall and crashed to the floor. We found out that the rod was not in any studs at all..they just had it sticking into the drywall! No wonder it fell! The drywall is all ripped apart, so Jeff is going to have to fix it as soon as he gets a chance. Right now our clothes are still in the closet...on the floor of the closet, still attached to the rack! I took a picture of my side. Doesn't it look lovely? Well, one good thing out of this is that our closet will get painted and redone, and will be better than before. Gotta look on the positive side :). God has blessed, and I have much to be thankful for!!

I started knitting again. It has been awhile. I am making a purse, and I am using a brown chenille yarn. It is so soft! I hope it turns out. I am really wanting to learn how to make a sweater. I love wearing sweaters, especially the high necked ones because I am always cold. Maybe I will try and see if I can tackle making a sweater after the purse. Of course, by the time I get done with the purse it will be warmer weather, so I won't really be thinking too much about sweaters!

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