Friday, January 9, 2009

Mini vacation

Jeff had to travel on business today, so he took Evie and I with him this time. We are staying at a nice motel, just for a night, and the companying is paying :). There is an indoor courtyard with a pool, so I am sitting right now out in the courtyard while Jeff is in the pool with Evie. Evie has been swimming like a fish since we got here. I'm actually really glad to get her out of the house and moving! She has had so much energy lately that she is bouncing off the walls (sometimes literally), so all this swimming should help wear her out a little. I actually got so desperate the other day to get her some exercise that I put her on our treadmill. She loved it, but got bored within about 5 minutes. Then I had her jump on the mini trampoline. It has been really cold and snowy, and the roads in our subdivision have been icy, so I haven't wanted to go for a walk. I need to figure out some creative ways to get her moving!

Yesterday, I had to be both a vet and a teacher. During homeschooling, I took Sierra out to go potty. Sierra somehow ripped her dew claw completely off when she was outside. Evie came up with a very smart theory that she might have gotten it caught on the fence. She loves to jump up on the chain link fence and bark if someone goes by. I didn't notice it until she had been inside for awhile. Evie yelled to me that her paw was all bloody, and then I noticed there drops of blood all over the floor. Her poor claw looks pretty nasty. I bandaged it up yesterday, and today before we left for our trip. She is at Jeff's parents, so I know they will take good care of her.

We are going home tomorrow afternoon, so this is a short trip, but it is good to get away and be together as a family!


RosyRose said...

I am so glad you could get away Jen! That is so much fun! And even better when someone else pays:)!

SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, I'm glad!
My other dog, Scruffy, tore off one of her dewclaws twice. I have no idea how she did it but they always grew back. That hasn't happened with Sassy yet.

Daisy said...

How nice Jen! That's great you are able to accompany Jeff sometimes! I'm sure that you enjoy these moments to the fullest and it's times like these that memories are made!

Kelly said...

Your mini vacation sounds lovely. I hope Sierra is better today. Dogs just do that sometimes.