Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chicks in the city

It sounds like a movie title doesn't it :)? I have been getting some emails from my wonderful online friend Fox. She has been sending me pictures of her chickens. I have always wanted chickens. I have had names picked out for them since Jeff and I were first married. That makes me laugh typing that! I had names for my kids picked out, and names for my chickens. lol! Two of the chicken names I wanted were Nadine and Imogene. They sound like chicken names don't they? I always wanted chickens for laying, not chickens for eating. There is no way I could eat Nadine Noodle Soup. It would just be wrong. Since we moved from the country to the suburbs, I have pretty much tossed out the idea of ever having chickens...until recently. I read that many people are raising chickens in city limits. They have just a few, maybe three of four, just for eggs, and they are like pets. It is not illegal, unless you have a rooster that causes trouble with the noise. You don't need a rooster to get eggs. I live in a subdivision, but I am on the outskirts of it near a rural road. I started reading how to raise chickens in the city. It actually is possible. I haven't breathed a word of this to Jeff. He would probably think I was completely crazy. So Honey, if you read this, just think of how cool it would be to get free eggs anytime we want, instead of having to buy those $3.75 a dozen organic free range ones :).


SchnauzerMom said...

Raising chickens could be profitable. Maybe they make good pets too.

April said...

You should go for it Jen! If we weren't moving so soon and our neighborhood didn't have a rule against it, I'd have chickens for sure. I bet Evie would love them too.

Aren't Fox's chickens the cutest things?

By the way, you looked gorgeous in your Valentine's post.

Kelly said...

LOL at my house we have a shed that we jokingly call "the barn" because it is like a mini barn, exactly like a barn but really small. You could fit maybe two cars inside it. Last summer I told this to my neighbors who lived here all their lives and found out it used to be a CHICKEN HOUSE. Two owners back they had a whole bunch of chickens in there. I would love to have chickens but even though I live not a mile from a farm, chickens are against our town laws or zoning restrictions, whatever it's called. Which is just silly since we're the last street in the town next to a park and large wooded area.
Wonder if anyone has told the deer, racoons, possums, rabbits skunks, ground hogs (as large as a medium dog), and red tailed hawks that chickens are illegal. LOL

RosyRose said...

Hey me too! I want a couple chickens too! I totally get it!!
And I love your names....:)

Daisy said...

I agree with April and say if it's possible go for it!! Why not!!