Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to Florida

Wow, has it really been over a month since I last blogged? It has been a really busy month! At the beginning of April, we took a trip to Orlando, Florida. It was our first real vacation as a family. The first 2 days we were there, we went to Walt Disney World. Evie LOVED it. She got to meet lots and lots of Disney characters. She thought that was pretty cool. We got to see lots of parades and fireworks. By the time we were done, we were all really tired! I'm not sure how people do it when they go for a full week. We went for 2 days, and our feet were so tired from walking 10 hours a day! It was a lot of fun though :).

Jeff's parents were in Florida too, and we went to stay in their timeshare after we had stayed in Disney. Their timeshare was beautiful, and had a wonderful view of a lake. It was actually quite cool when we were there, so we only got to go to the pool once. Their condo had miniature golf, so we did that a lot. It was a pirate theme, and it was really fun.

We went to a place called Gatorland, which was actually pretty interesting. I have never seen alligators in the wild like that before, so it was pretty cool. Not that I would want to swim with them or anything!

Evie and I both got to feed the Lorakeets out of our hands, which was fun. I had never fed a bird before, so it was a new experience for Evie and I both! She really loved it, and so did I.

This is one of Jeff's favorite pictures. Don't you just love the look on Evie's face? We thought she hammed it up pretty good :).

We had a really nice time on our trip, and got to stay in Florida for a full week. I only took about 200 or so pictures (note the sarcasm). It was a lot of fun!


SchnauzerMom said...

I was getting worried about you. I'm glad you had such a great vacation. DH and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon 20 years ago. I'd love to go back.

Kelly said...

Oh wow, what fun. Glad you guys had a great time. Wonderful fun photos. I'm looking forward to someday, when my daughter is a bit older, taking her to Disney.

April said...

Oh, that looked like so much fun! I took my son there when he was about Evie's age and we had such a good time. I really love the picture of Evie in the alligator' mouth - lol! I had a pet alligator when I was around 10 years old. We spent a lot of time in Florida since my grandparents lived there and one of their friends thought I needed a baby alligator - just as we were getting ready to drive home. My parents were NOT amused and had to drive the 11-hour trip back to Atlanta with an alligator in the car. LOL! :)

Jen said...

Kathryn: Aww, thank you for being worried about me :). I was just really busy. We saw lots of people on their honeymoon in Disney :). It would be fun to go there for that!

Kelly: I'm glad we waited to take Evie until she was 7. I saw lots of really little kids there, and most of them looked hot, tired and miserable. It is much more fun when they are older.

April: Lol! That is so funny about the alligator! What did you end up doing with it when you got home??

Daisy said...

Looks like fun Jen! I bet Evie had a blast! I would love to go back to Florida ... we rented a condo and went when the children were really young ...but oh how they would enjoy it at their ages now!!