Friday, May 1, 2009

Catching up!

Two blog posts in two days! Wow, I think I am setting a record :). I have lots to catch up on! Miss Evie lost another tooth, and looks way cute. I am loving the gap-toothed grin. I'm a little sad that the new teeth are coming in already, just because she looks so cute. She has only lost 4 baby teeth total so far, so she still has lots to go.

We had a nice Easter. I tried to take a good family picture of us, but we were running late for church, so I hurried. I didn't realize that Jeff had a big twig in front of his face, and we are all staring into the sun. Oh well, we are all dressed nice!

On a hair related note, I had to trim my hair back a bit. I was getting some wicked tangles. Isn't the picture to the left just lovely? That was a section taken from the back underside of my hair, and it was doing that every time I wore it down. I finally trimmed a few inches off. I am about an inch above tailbone now, and the tangles are much better.

I had a mega curly day not too long ago, and did my hair in the wrap, snap and go rollers. My hair turned out the best it had in a long time! Evie wanted her picture taken too. We were about ready to go to church, so that is why we are so dressed up.

I took this picture of our crabapple tree in full bloom. It was gorgeous this year. Evie loves to climb it and sit up there with her Barbie's.


Jules said...

Jen I just love the photo of your curly hair. It is so gorgeous. Sounds as if you've been busy. It looks as if you had a wonderful holiday. Am just catching up online myself but wanted to stop and comment on your hair. Sorry about the tangles.

SchnauzerMom said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing with us. Your hair is gorgeous, so is Evie's.

April said...

Great pictures! Your hair is just beautiful in your curled picture - and I bet with your natural wave they stayed a long time. Those tangles look bad... I've had a few like that, but really - I can only wear my hair down at work when I am sitting still all day. That's about it. At home it is only down when I sleep! Otherwise, after waistlength it has started to get tangled with me too. Didn't used to, so I wonder why it is now.

I'm glad you're back to blogging; I missed your posts - and pictures. :)

Daisy said...

Oh you guys look awesome all dressed up for church! And I love those curls Jen, they look really nice in your hair!

Kelly said...

Great photos. You all look so cute. Evie is adorable with that grin.
I remember when my hair was most of the way down my back it tangled easily too. I used to braid it up all the time because of it. I'm glad the trimming helped.

Jen said...

Thank you Jules, Kathryn, April, Daisy and Kelly :)!