Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I homeschool

Some days I wonder why I homeschool, and other days I get such fulfillment out of it. Evie really loves to read, and today I asked her to go pick out one of her books to read outloud. I love hearing her read. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment because I taught her to do that! It is really rewarding. I think I may have to have Evie's eyes checked again. She keeps holding the book really close to her face. When I ask her why, she says it is because she loses her place if she doesn't have it close. She doesn't seem to have trouble seeing with anything else, but I should have her eyes checked just in case. This video is about 2 minutes long, so it is a little longer than some of my other videos. I was just really proud of her for reading so well. She is sounding out all the big words. Today she was reading words in her homeschool workbook that were really big like "communication" and "admission". She did great!

One really cute/funny thing she did today was something she did outside. I heard her singing really loud (which she does daily), and I look outside and she is singing and dancing in the driveway. Then I see a bin that she turned upside down, and on top of the bin is her piggy bank. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was trying to make money! She said that she wanted to sing, and maybe if people heard her they would think she sounded pretty and put money in her piggy bank. The picture is of her dancing, and you can click on it to make it larger. She told me she is trying to save her money so she can give it to some friends of ours. They have 5 kids, and the dad lost his job in November because of the economy and has not been able to find a job. I was really proud of her for being really selfless and thinking of them. It was a proud day :).


SchnauzerMom said...

Well I must say I would give her money!

April said...

Aw... Evie is a sweetheart! Also, that she is so outgoing is something else - singing like that for the whole world to see. I love the picture of her with her bank just singing away. Very sweet.