Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny pet pictures

Evie has been dressing up the pets, and for the past month we have gotten a good laugh out of some of the funny pictures. So here are a few for you to enjoy :).

Here is Madame Daisy:

And here is Sierra, aka Rebecca Lapp, the scary looking amish woman:

And here we all seem to be laughing, even the dog:

And last, but not least, the oh so thrilled Princess Dolly:

Hope you all had a good chuckle for the day :).


SchnauzerMom said...

Those are so good! Princess Dolly seems to be just barely tolerating the whole thing.

April said...

Those made me laugh! Lol! Dolly looks sooo humiliated, I hope she didn't hold anything against you guys for embarrassing her like that - ha! I really love the one of you, Evie and Sierra laughing - so cute.

Jen said...

Thanks SM. Yes, Dolly looks thrilled doesn't she :)?

April, Dolly give that look all the time to us! I normally don't let Evie dress her up, so this was rare. She is getting pretty grumpy in her old age. She absolutely hates Daisy. She growls and hisses so loud it sounds like she is screaming, and she does it whenever Daisy or Sierra even come near her. Dolly even growls at me now, which she never even did before. She has been like this since we got Daisy, and it unfortunately hasn't gotten any better :(.