Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gluten free Thanksgiving and other stuff

I have been doing the gluten free, casein free, soy free diet for Evie for several months now, and it is working wonderfully. Each day is a different grain day. Yesterday was garbanzo day, today is quinoa day, tomorrow is millet day, and the day after next is rice day. I made both muffins and breads with the separate flours to go with the days. That way I don't have to worry about her eating the same thing every day. I have already noticed a difference in her coloring..she has rosy cheeks and her eyes are bright blue without the dark circles (dark circles tend to indicate allergies). I'm also eating gluten free, and it is getting easier as time goes on. I'm getting the hang of it :). Today we made gluten free playdough. All playdough from the store has wheat in it, so I made playdough with rice flour and colored it with food coloring. It turned out really well! It is still cooling, so it is a bit sticky, but we still had fun playing with it.

Thanksgiving is going to have gluten free items as well. I'm going to have traditional stuffing made with wheat for Jeff and my parents, but for Evie and I, I am going to make the yummy crock pot gluten free stuffing I made last year. I'm also making a gluten free pumpkin pie for Evie and I (my Mom is bringing the pies that have gluten). I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only 8 days away!!

By the way, for some reason Blogger really doesn't like me lately. It isn't showing on any of the blogger lists that I have updated my blog. So please check back, even if it still shows that I haven't updated!


Jules said...

Playdough made with rice flour or corn flour can have a really lovely texture and be great to play with. I would have thought though that since Evie is past the age of eating the play dough that this wouldn't have been critical unless just touching wheat causes problems. (I worked with a boy once who was so severely allergic to eggs that even touching something an egg had been in - such as an egg carton - caused him to have a reaction.)

Intersting about the dark circles. I get them often and never associated them with allergies. People often tell me I look tired and I can't think why because I know I've not been skipping on sleep. I'll have to watch that and see if I think there is a link.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I don't think we'll celebrate it this year. Too busy which is a shame but it's not traditional here anyway. I'll just indulge by reading what everyone else does for Thanksgiving.

Blogger has just started updating Lil's new blog on my dashboard, so hopefully yours will follow suit. Meanwhile, I'll just keep checking back. What's the point of being a 'follower' if you can't follow?

SchnauzerMom said...

I check everyone's blog everyday. I have a recipe for a gluten free pie crust that I'm going to try as soon as I can get all the ingredients (actually all I need is cream cheese, although I am almost out of flour.)

April said...

I love reading about what you're eating and cooking. You remind me of me! ;) I'm cooking traditional food for Mike for Thanksgiving and for me I'm cooking vegan. It's going to be fun! I'm even making a gluten-free and vegan (dairy-free) pumpkin pie. How can it be done??? Well, I've got a recipe that sounds like magic, so will see how it turns out. Mike loves pumpkin pie, so I may end up making at two if the vegan one isn't to his liking. I've not decided what I'm going to make for my main dish, but Mike wants the traditional turkey so I'll get him a little one. It will be a fun few days of cooking all kinds of things.

I'm glad to hear that Evie is responding well to the diet you're providing her. I know it can make a huge difference and the effort you take is true love. :)

Would you share your gluten-free cooked-in-a-crockpot stuffing with me? I am very intriqued.

Jen said...

Jules - the diet I am doing for Evie recommends not even touching gluten. They said it can go through the skin. I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry. Plus it was fun making the playdough :).

SM - I loved the pie crust you posted on your blog awhile back. My mother-in-law and I both have made it and really liked it. My hubby even said he would never have known it was gluten free had I not told him!

April - I enjoy your blog for the same reason! A lot of what you post is things I can eat! The pumpkin pie I am making this year is actually crustless. It has flour in the mix, and you just put it all in the Vitamix. I use rice or millet flour to hold it together, and I use almond milk. It is really good! It does have eggs in it though, so it wouldn't be vegan. I tried to make it with egg replacer one year, and it turned out terrible. I'm really curious about your vegan pumpkin pie! As for the stuffing, here is a link to the recipe...

You may have to cut and paste the link since it doesn't seem to be showing up to highlight here. I didn't add the apple when I made it. I didn't use butter either (I think I used oil). I made my bread instead of buying it to save money. It is a yummy recipe!

April said...

Thanks for the recipe link Jen! I'm off to check it out!