Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is an exciting day! My hubby quit his job today, and is coming home for good tonight! He didn't give a 2 weeks notice because they are closing down the company anyways, and he didn't have anything to do. I am so thankful to God for His goodness to us. I get to have my hubby back :)!!

I haven't been the best blogger this summer, so I will try and throw a bunch of stuff into one blog post :). We had a fun time this year at our local 4H fair. We had beautiful weather, and it was a little cooler, so we didn't roast. Evie got to ride several rides, and we got to see all the animals. I especially loved the llamas, which I didn't get to see last year. This is only the second year they have been at our fair. They are sooo sweet! If we had land, I would love to have some. They have the softest hair, and the sweetest, most gentle eyes. Love them! Here are some fair pics...

Our garden has been doing great, but is still a bit behind. My pole beans (which are climbing the fence and are going over the fence into the neighbors yard!) have flowered and are ready to start coming on. The zucchini plants were huge this year, but I didn't get as many zucchini as I would have liked. They are in front of the beans.

My green pepper plants are HUGE! They are almost to my shoulders! They are producing beautifully. I used them to make salsa this week :). The smaller pepper plants are ones I planted from seed. They are red, purple and orange, and they are all loaded with little peppers. I can't wait until they turn colors and get bigger. I have been trying to freeze a lot of the peppers for winter.

My tomatoes are also huge, and are loaded. Many are still green, but a lot of them started turning the past few days.

This picture of my pumpkins is about a week old. They are taking over the garden! They are now overlapping my potatoes, carrots and tomato plants! And they are LOADED! I bet I have at least 50 pumpkins growing out there. The variety I got is called Long Island Cheese. They are supposed to be shaped like a wheel of cheese! They are supposed to store well. I wish I could can it. Everything I have read about canning pumpkin sounds dangerous. They said it was the #1 cause of botulism in home canning. Yikes! Freezing is a option. I may do that. I may just store them in the basement where it is cool. That is what the pioneers did! It looks like we are going to be eating a lot of pumpkin!!

I canned green beans today. I got some from my neighbor. I canned 6 pints. I canned salsa yesterday. My neighbor gave me a bunch of tomatoes, so I wanted to make some salsa. I canned 13 pint jars.

Here is the start of my canning shelf. Please excuse the massive mess of a shelf down below! You can see my salsa. I also canned some jellies, and the beans I canned this past winter. There is also grape juice from last year. I hope to make some more of that. I still have a ways to go with canning. I'm hoping to can some tomatoes, and more beans. I would really like to can some chickens too. I love seeing full shelves of homemade canned goods :)


Kelly said...

Cool canned goods. I'm making applesauce on friday. I was happy to see the photo of your canned green beans. My stuff no matter how well I seem to pack it seems to end up with liquid at the bottom. I try to jam pack the jars but I always get some space. My pickles did that this year.

SchnauzerMom said...

Wow, you've been busy. Your garden looks wonderful.

April said...

Hi Jen! Sorry I'm so late responding to your posts, but I've been away from the computer and it's been difficult catching up.

I mainly want to say... YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! on your husband getting a job and you guys not having to move. I know you must be bursting with joy. That is just sooooooo wonderful! :) :) :)

Your garden looks fabulous! Mine is already shutting down except for the okra, peppers and watermelon. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a winter garden or not. I'm sure going to miss walking outside and picking veggies. I ate so many cucumbers and tomatoes this year - just for snacks! And we at LOTS of green beans.

I can't believe how many pumpkins you have! It sure makes me think of pumpkin pie. Are you going to preserve them, and if so, in what way?

I'm just so glad to see you back and with such good news. I"m so happy for you guys. :)

Jen said...

Kelly, I have noticed all my stuff that I can has liquid at the bottom. It doesn't matter how much I cram pack stuff in there! I guess it is because the stuff heats up and then shrinks.

SM, thank you!

April, I'm so glad you dropped by to say hello :)! Yes, we are SO excited to have Jeff home. This week has been so great! I have had him home for dinner every night :). Yay! Your garden looked so wonderful this year. It was fun to see all the pictures! I'm thinking I am going to try and either freeze the pumpkins I have or try and store them down in the basement. My mother-in-law stored her squash in her basement all winter, and it stored well. The variety I got is supposed to store well, so that would be easier than freezing it. I need to jump on your blog and see how you are doing!