Monday, August 30, 2010

New updo and hair toy organizing

I tried a new updo that I have had in my updo book (a book of hand sketched hairstyles that I made), and for some reason I have never tried it. It is the Chinese Bun, and it was SO easy! It was also super comfy. I took a picture because I actually really liked how it looked!

I also organized my hair toys. I bought a jewelry organizer, and used it to organize my stuff. I filled both sides and hung it on the wall. I love that I can see all of my hairsticks and homemade hair pins. Here is one side

And here is the other....

I love that I can see all of my things! It has helped me use them more, which is always good. I'm trying to be more creative with my hair. I'm trying to wear it different ways to avoid boredom.

Today was our first day of homeschooling. It went really well! We homeschooled from 8:00 - 12:00, and it was a cram packed time. We are doing Rosetta Stone Spanish this year, and it was actually really fun! Plus I get to learn Spanish too :).


April said...

I love the Chinese bun; it's one of my favorites, but I keep forgetting to wear it! Yours looks gorgeous. I really need to start wearing different updos too. I have more time now to experiment and will start!

Your hair organizer is great! I have my sticks, forks and combs hanging on the wall on a crochetted hanger I made, and my other hair things are in little drawers in the bathroom. I like how yours are always visible and might remind you to use some you'd otherwise not think of.

Ya'll have fun learning Spanish! :)

SchnauzerMom said...

Very pretty, your hair looks great that way. I love that organizer. You have lots of beautiful stuff.

Kelly said...

Jen, I LOVE the chinese bun style, that looks great! And where do you find all those hair sticks/combs, etc? I can't find anything that is really safe for hair. Everything I see is all those awful metal clips. Is there an online source where I could find some of that stuff?
Good luck with the spanish, let me know if the program works. I've always wanted to learn another language but I don't know anyone who has used Rosetta stone.

Jen said...

April - thank you! I go through phases where I am trying new styles, then phases where I wear it the same for weeks. That is when I get REALLY bored with it. I always remember your Loom siggy pic "long hair is never boring". That is very long we don't wear it the same way every day :). I love the crocheted hangers for the hair toys too. Have you found that they get dusty easy? I had that problem with it. I had it behind our bathroom door, and my hairsticks got covered with hairspray (Jeff's). Yuck! I had to move them after that.

SM - thank you! I am a bit of a hair toy junkie :).

Kelly - I got my hairsticks from Fox at the Long Hair Loom ( She is a wonderful Christian woman who makes beautiful hairsticks. The hairpins I made from knitting needles :). I got the idea from a woman named TorrinPaige (if you type in that name, her page will come up) on youtube. She shows how to make them. She also does a ton of long hair updos. I made my metal barrettes hair friendly by wrapping the inside part with string. I actually took pictures of it and posted them on the Loom. I found the post, but the pictures wouldn't show up. One awesome hair friendly place is Flexi-8 ( They are beautiful, comfy, and hair friendly. Another place that surprisingly has hair friendly stuff is Claires. They usually have hair friendly barrettes and hairsticks. Hope that helps! The Spanish is great so far! I really love the concept of it. It is a cd-rom program, and it is easy to understand.