Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It hasn't exactly been a normal Thanksgiving!! Last night we had fun grilling hotdogs outside on the deck.

Who would have thought that after a great night of playing games and eating yummy food, that Evie would wake up this morning like this....

Yep, it is chicken pox!! Actually, in honor of Thanksgiving, it is now called "Turkey Pox". Yesterday she started getting a few water blister spots on her. I just figured it was an aftermath from another rash she had the week earlier that was from something she was allergic to. Last night she got a headache, which she never gets. Then she woke up covered from head to toe with the blisters. I had chicken pox my senior year of high school, so I remember it quite well. She has all the symptoms I had. She has spent the day watching tv, itching and feeling pretty crummy. I have been slathering her with stuff all day to keep her as comfortable as possible.

We ate Thanksgiving lunch out with her in the living room. No family came over because she is so contagious. She was really bummed about that. We all relaxed today.

Even with Evie having chicken pox, I still have so much to be thankful for! I feel so blessed to have Christ in my life, to have my family, to live in a free country, to have a nice warm home, to have food in my freezers and pantry, and so much more.


April said...

Poor Evie. I hope she's feeling better. I had the chickenpox at about her age and I remember it being miserable and sooo itchy. I can't remember how long it lasted.

It will be a Thanksgiving to remember though, won't it? And, even though Evie woke up with blisters on her face, she looked so beautiful - and is getting so "old"! And you look beautiful as well. Jeff? I'm jealous of that nap he is taking!

K said...

Aw, hope Evie is doing better now. Chicken pox can be rough for a kid. Hopefully she's goes through it quick and at least she'll be better by Christmas.

SchnauzerMom said...

That's a rough Thanksgiving. I hope she is doing much better now.

Jen said...

April - She got over it quick, which I am SO thankful for! She ended up getting about 3 times as many blisters on her body after that Thanksgiving picture. It was pretty bad. Thank you for the kind words about us :).

Kelly- Yep, she is doing much better. Hope you all are doing well :).

SM - I'm so glad that it didn't take too long for her to get over it. She has a bunch of scars though :(. I'm using some special cream to try and get rid of them.