Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tech support

We have had such crazy computer issues lately. Sometimes I just want to throw the thing out the window! It seems like whenever we call a place for help (like a computer support place), we get someone who barely speaks English. Our wireless router and Vonage phone got toasted by lightning the week before last, and Jeff had to call Vonage to see about getting a new box. The lady who answered was Indian, and when Jeff told her that our box got struck by lightning, she didn't understand. She did not know what the word lightning was! She just kept asking him over and over again if he wanted to sign up for new service! Jeff called them at the very end of the day, while he was at work, and his co-worker in another cubicle was getting quite a laugh out of listening to Jeff navigate that conversation! So between the computer situation, and the phone situation, I thought this video was quite appropriate for how we have been feeling :). I hope you get as good of a laugh out of it as Jeff and I did!

Okay, I promise this will be the last of the canning pictures for awhile. I just thought they looked pretty, and I hadn't taken any pictures of all of them sitting on the shelves. So bear with me here :). Lol.


Jules said...

Lol, I know the problem you're talking about extremely well. I get so tired of having to ring some place for technical support. One day I was on the phone for 2 hours and they still didn't solve the problem. Son#4 came along and had it sorted in five minutes! It's hard enough talking computer language (which I don't do very well) but it's even harder when the language I'm speaking is not the first language of the person on the other end of the phone. Some times I'm convinced that they're not even living in this country. Interesting dilemma. Hopefully your problem is all sorted now.

SchnauzerMom said...

I hate calling for tech support because they are almost always in another country. Bill likes to contact them online because then you can type in your conversation. Looks like you have lots of goodies to see you through the winter.