Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tigger Louie Gizmo Gumdrop

The names in my title post are ones we are trying to decide between to name this little guy.....
We adopted him yesterday from the shelter. Isn't he sweet??? He is a little puff ball, and has been lots of fun. He is quite scared still, and spent his first several hours under our bed in the room where we confined him. Then he started warming up to me last night. Here he is this morning, snuggling with one of Evie's bears.
This picture below was taken last night when he was still pretty scared. He is tiny. He is about 8 weeks old. I love how his eyes look like someone painted them around them with black eyeliner :). Jeff said last night that the kitty had old man ears. He pointed out all the crazy hair sticking out of the kitty's ears! lol!
Evie has absolutely fallen in love with him, and is constantly playing with him or holding him. Daisy on the other hand is not so thrilled. She has been seriously honked off at us. She even swatted Si Si in the face when she came up to sniff her! Daisy comes to the gate we put in front of our room, and she growls and hisses at the kitty. Si Si is super curious and wants to play with him, but the kitten is pretty freaked of the 70 pound collie so far. We are trying to take things slow.
I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night because the kitten kept me up, but he should settle in better in the next few days. He sure is adorable though. Now if we could only decide what to name him!!!


April said...

Oh my goodness! What a cutie-pie. He's gorgeous Have you picked a name yet? They're all cute but if I named him Gumdrop I'd end up calling him Gummy or the Gumalator or some such silliness. :) I think Gizmo is my favorite, but I bet Evie will pick the best name. :)

I hope the Daisy adjusts okay; it usually just takes time and patience. The problem we had here when we got Dusty was that we have no room with doors other than the bathroom - and I wasn't about to keep him in there. So everyone was kinda thrown together from the get-go... not the best way to do it. But all is well now.

By the way, Dusty has "old man ears" too. Hahaha!

Jen said...

April, he is SO much fun! Thankfully he and Daisy are getting along great! We tried to separate them, but it was too hard. It only took about two days of adjusting. Daisy growled and hissed at first, but now they are like mama and baby :). She plays with him and cleans his face and ears. So sweet! We decided to name him Zeke. It fits him. Evie actually said his full name is Ezekial Alexander Gizmo Gumprop I :). Zeke works! Lol.


Anonymous said...

He sure is cute! I am glad you decided against calling him Tigger unless you wanted a very BOUNCY cat! We named our dog Smivenbiven (after a Jungle Jam character) and he was extremely naughty!

I like the name Zeke :)