Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hairtoys Arrived!

Hooray! My Flexi-8 clips have arrived! They actually came yesterday in the mail. We ordered them Friday night, so that is what I call lightning fast shipping! I was expecting it to take 7-10 days, so I was super excited when they came in the mail so fast. The small one is great for half updos. It is actually the extra small size. I love the fact that the clips flex. There are 3 notches in the clip stick so you can select how much or how little hair goes in the clip. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge it so you can see the clip more closely. Isn't it pretty?

The other one is the large clip, and I love it! The blue is so pretty, and the clip works great for many different updos. It is also very comfortable to wear. It didn't feel tight or anything. I can't wait to try out a bunch of new styles :)!

Sierra also had her hair done today. She had a much needed bath! She was starting to smell like a dirty dog (even though she didn't look it). I wish I would have taken a picture when she was soaking wet. She looks hilarious because her face and legs look so skinny! She is still wet in this picture (and is still wet now, 4 hours later!), but she sure smells better.

Evie kept asking me, "Please can I be in a picture, please can I be in a picture?", so I took her picture too :). I laughed so hard later after seeing this picture. Is it my imagination, or does it look like Sierra is smiling????


Jules said...

Sierra is definitely smiling! And why not? She knows she's adored.

Your clips look wonderful in your hair. Especially the blue one - it really complements your hair colour.

SchnauzerMom said...

Yes I think Sierra is smiling, she's a happy pooch. I love your flexi-8 clips they are so pretty and look great in your hair.

Daisy said...

Oooh those flexi-8's are so beautiful and they seem practical too. I've wasted so much money on hair toys that disappoint me, but these look like something I could work with. Maybe I'll get enough nerve to try one, one of these days!

Sierra is feeling fresh as a daisy ... that's why the lovely smile ...lol!

April said...

I love your new Flexi-8s! And I really like your braided topsy style. I need to try that style again! They both look beautiful in your hair - and their service sounds fantastic.

Aw, Sierra IS smiling... isn't that cute? She and Evie are BOTH smiling... :)

Kelly said...

The clips are so pretty.
But Evie and Sierra are prettier and yes they both look like they are smiling

Jen said...

Thanks Jules! I love the blue one too. My hubby picked it out first. He has good taste :).

Thanks Schnauzermom! They are very comfortable, and I really love them so far.

Daisy, I am wearing the smaller one again today, and I am super impressed with it. Normally barrettes slide out of my hair. This thing stays put, and I can't even tell it is in my hair. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I definitely do!

Thanks April! You wanted me to tell you how I liked the clips. I would highly recommend them! They are both beautiful and very easy to use. Plus they don't move around at all in my hair. That I really like!

Thanks Kelly! I guess Sierra is getting so used to having her picture taken that she has learned to smile :).