Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation Bible School

It has been a busy, but good week. Evie has had a lot of fun at VBS, and we have really enjoyed the tent meetings at church. Last night was great. It was awesome to be able to spend time worshipping God! I had a slight hair malfunction during prayer though. I sat by this really sweet, quiet teenage girl. We were sitting in the very front row, and there was a fan right in front of us blowing right on us. I thought my hair was blowing behind me. I didn't realize that all during prayer little pieces of my hair were flying in her face! Needless to say, I apologized all over the place! Note to self....wear hair up tonight!

Writing about that hair snafu reminded me of some other funny hair moments. Some have been downright embarrassing. I remember one time I was briskly walking down the street and walked by a guy who had a button down coat on. My hair blew into his coat and got stuck on one of his buttons. It yanked me back, and I don't think he ever even knew! He just kept on walking! Then I remember when I was visiting Jeff at college, and we went to a chapel service. As we were hanging up our coats in the very busy lobby, I somehow got my hair tangled all around the hanger. Jeff had to carefully untangle it, and it took him awhile. We sure got some funny looks! Anyways, that was way off the subject of VBS and our tent meeting wasn't it :)?

The kids had their face painted again last night, so this time I took a picture. They gave each kid a shirt on Monday, and Evie's is so long it looks like a dress! Well, at least she can wear it for a few years :).


SchnauzerMom said...

Your daughter looks so cute. I'm glad she's having a good time and that the tent meetings are so good!

Jules said...

I don't know if I've ever had any hair moments like that but a week or so ago at work one of the teachers looked down and discovered a clump of blonde hair caught on one of her buttons. And she had no idea how it got there! We eventually worked out who the 'owner' was: an almost 2-year-old with the thickest curliest hair I've ever seen.

Kelly said...

Wow Evie has such a great natural smile, and those are the brightest blue eyes I think I've ever seen. And I used to work photographing children, she's such a pretty girl.

Jen said...

Thanks Schnauzermom :).

Jules, I have had way too many hair moments. I just had one today at the farmers market (I got my hair wrapped around my arm and bag that I was holding!). I guess I'm just a hair klutz :)!

Thanks Kelly! I'm partial, but I think she is beautiful :).