Friday, May 7, 2010

The house is listed

We listed the house on Monday, although the realtor hasn't gotten it into the computer yet. We already have someone coming this coming Monday night to look at it, and it isn't even in the computer! We are excited about that. We have de-cluttered like crazy, and everything looks great. We are probably going to rent when we move, until we find a house we really like. I'm still hoping to do a garden, amidst all this chaos. My little seedlings are going to town, and I can't wait to get them in the ground! I have been able to enjoy my flowers this spring. Here is a picture of my azaleas and my lilies. The lilies smell SO good!

On a seriously crazy note, Evie and Sierra have been running around at Jeff's parents property every day. We have been going over there to break up some of the monotony of Jeff being gone. I decided to check Sierra for ticks yesterday. As of today, the count is up to fifteen...yep, you read that right... fifteen! One was the size of a grape, and another the size of a raisin. The rest were all small. She has so much fur that it is really hard to find them. Yesterday, the huge grape one just fell off her and we found it on the carpet. I didn't know what it was because it was so big. I thought it was some weird beetle! Normally when they are small, they are brown with a funky design on their backs. This one was light gray. When I checked her and found the smaller raisin sized one attached to her, it was light gray, so I realized that huge one was a tick filled with blood. YUCK! I pulled the raisin sized one off, then found 10 more. Today I found 3 more. One was only about 1/4" above her eye, embedded in her scalp. I felt SO bad for her. We just keep finding them on her! I guess we aren't going to be able to let her run out there for awhile. The ticks here can get bad, but I have never seen them that bad before! I bet I just gave you all the heebie-jeebies didn't I :)?


Jules said...

Ah, no ticks where I live now but I can remember what a danger they used to be in some parts of Australia when we lived there. I was always worried about the kids getting them because there was one type that could cause paralysis and even death in humans. So glad we don't have to deal with that here.

Praying that your house sells quickly and for a good price.

BTW, I didn't get the other email about being invited to read your blog (I have 3 email accounts and it didn't show up in any of them) so if no one else comments within the next day or so, it might pay to resead them.

Jen said...

Hi Jules! I'm so glad you commented! It helps me to know that everything is working okay :). Thank you for your prayers!