Friday, April 11, 2008

Crazy weather

I'm thinking I am going to become a weatherman. I think I can predict the weather better than they can! Boy have they been WAY off lately. It hasn't helped that this has been the weirdest winter and spring I can ever remember. Today was supposed to be cold and rainy. I woke up, and it was sunny and 60 degrees. Evie and I took a super long walk today with Sierra. We walked twice around our subdivision, which is a mile. For little Evie, that is a long way! I was so proud of her. I am going to try and do that every day (unless the weather is bad). It is so good for all of us. We came back to the house and cleaned. Evie was my helper today. She helped me clean the bathrooms, dust, vacuum (she ran the swivel sweeper over the tile floors), and she helped me with the laundry. I got so much done today, and it felt great! After we got all that done, it was only noon, so we ate lunch and then went back outside. We threw frisbee to Sierra, and I tried to get a picture of her catching it. She actually gets airborn and gets all her legs off the ground trying to catch it. I wasn't able to get a good picture of her in the air. She is too fast! Here is one of her just catching it and coming back down from the air..

I got a few pictures of Evie playing outside. She loves the trampoline, and goes on that a lot. She is also my little tomboy. She loves worms, and the whole time we went for our walk today she kept trying to save the worms that were on our road :). They were everywhere because it had rained last night. I took a picture of her with her worm (which she named "Wormy"). She finally buried it in my flower bed so it wouldn't die. I have been typing this post for about 15 minutes, and during this time it went from super sunny, to pouring down rain, to super sunny. Very weird weather we are having!

Jeff and I are going out on a date tonight. Yippee!!! It has been way too long since we went out just the two of us. We finally found a babysitter here, and we would like to start going out once a week. We really need that. We are going to go out to eat, and then we are going to go to Lowes and look at fun stuff for the house. We are wanting to landscape the back yard, and so we are going to look at plants and fountains. It should be super fun :). I am really excited that we get to go out. I kinda feel like this....

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SchnauzerMom said...

I'm glad you got your walk done before the rain. Sounds like you'll have fun on your date.