Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Healing School

Our church has something called Healing School every week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is basically a Bible study that teaches you what the Bible says about healing, and it is so encouraging. The healing testimonies I have heard about from our church and Healing School have been amazing. I have seen a few of them first hand. One thing I have found is that churches that believe that scripture teaches that God wants us healed, and that it is God's will to heal see lots of miracles. And I'm not talking about the miracles like a person takes a pill and the pain goes away. I'm talking ones where doctors can do no more for the person, and they have no other hope, and people pray over them and they receive healing. I have talked to many from churches that believe God wants us healed, and they see miracles, huge miracles, on a regular basis. Healing miracles from cancer, heart disease, incurable diseases, diabetes, and more. My pastor's wife was healed of a terminal illness almost 30 years ago. Doctor's gave her no hope at all, and sent her home to die. She started meditating on the scriptures that talked about healing, and she spoke them out loud every day. She was at a women's conference in Oklahoma, and they prayed for healing there. The conference was recorded on tape, and we have actually heard the recording of when she received her healing. She was crying so loud she was wailing, and she was shouting praises over and over to God. There are so many testimonies like this from my church that I have heard in the 4 months we have been there. One guy at my church had a tumor that stuck out of his chest 4 inches, and the doctors gave him no hope because they had diagnosed it as cancerous and inoperable. In 4 months, after having the church pray over him, it completely went away. My friend Sue goes to a church like mine, and she tells amazing stories of healing miracles she has seen. One of her friends had a blood clot the size of a carrot go through her heart. As the woman laid in her hospital bed, the doctors told her beyond a shadow of a doubt she was going to die. The church prayed for her, and within a day she received complete and total healing in her heart. She basically has a brand new heart! She has so many other stories she has shared. It is awesome. My church doesn't just teach on healing. My pastor teaches so much more than that. But they do believe that God is a healing God, and that He blesses! I have learned so much about the Bible since going there. More than ever before.

I go once a week to Healing School with my Mother-in-law, and it is such a blessed time. There is usually a small group of us, most of the time just ladies (probably because it is in the morning when men have to work). I had actually starting going to the Healing School before I started to go to church there, and it was such an awesome study that Jeff and I decided to try the church. We are so glad we did! We have all grown so much at our church. It has helped me to have a hunger for the Bible like I have never had before. At Healing School, I met a wonderful lady named Ida. She is in her 80's and just the sweetest thing ever. She is from Alabama, and has this soft, southern voice. Evie calls her Miss Ida, and she loves her to pieces. Ida received healing from diabetes after going to Healing School. She had had the diabetes most of her life, and had to take insulin every day. Now she doesn't have to take any at all! She is such a dear woman, and loves the Lord so much. Here is a picture I took of us today...

And here is a picture of the group of ladies today. Evie got in on the picture too, even though she wasn't in the room for the study :). My Mother-in-law is the blonde with the blue sweater. She has been such a blessing to me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother-in-law! We had an awesome study today. One of the ladies shared a healing testimony that happened to her recently that was amazing. We had a wonderful time sharing about the Lord, and learned so much.

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