Thursday, April 17, 2008

Serious Homeschooling

Yep, it's reeeeeeeeaaaallly serious business at our house when it comes to homeschooling. Can you tell from the picture? I would say we could count this as maybe a science lesson, don't you think? Evie figured out that if she had erasers at the end of the pencils, they would stay in her ears better. Wow, my little Einstein (hey, isn't that a kid's tv show?). She is actually supposed to be writing her letters. Let's just say she was having way too much fun sticking the pencils in her ears :).

We went to Lowe's over the weekend, and they had a kid's workshop where kids could make an ant house. It was really cool actually, and Evie had a blast. She was looking everywhere for ants the past few days, and found about 1000 of them out near one of our small trees this morning. We filled her ant house with sand and ants, and she was fascinated all morning. She put an apple in the ant house, and a leaf. She said the leaf was so they would be comfy when they sleep. Here is a picture of her with her ant house....

She had homeschool gym class at the YMCA today, and after that she decided to free the ants. Maybe she felt bad making them stay inside on such a nice day :). Jeff took Evie out for a date tonight, so I have had some time alone. For Evie's first 4 years of life, I was always with her and never left her. Jeff kept trying to get me to have some alone time, but I didn't take him up on it. I realize now that alone time is very healthy, and I am starting to really enjoy it again. It took me awhile though! I hated it at first because it felt so foreign. Jeff is trying to take her out or completely take care of her at least once a week because he knows I need some breaks. He is so thoughtful :).

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SchnauzerMom said...

Your girl looks so cute! It's good to spend time alone with daddy too!