Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Fair

Our church has a fundraiser every year to raise money to support the school that is associated with our church. They do a Fun Fair, and there are games set up in the gym. They also have horseback riding, basketball, and a rock climbing wall set up outside. You buy tickets, and use the tickets to go on whatever you want. Jeff was going to go with us, but he had the flu since last Thursday. My Dad ended up taking us, and we had a really great time! Evie has never been on a horse before (although she has petted them a million times since Jeff's parents live right next to a horse farm). She wanted to ride the horse at the Fun Fair, and we were only the second person in line when it opened up so she got to have a nice long ride. She loved it!

We then went into the gym, and Evie wanted to win some kind of prize. There was a marshmallow eating contest, so she did that. She ate 4 marshmallows in 30 seconds. Here is a super flattering picture of her with her mouth stuffed with marshmallows. Can't you just see this picture in a slide show on her wedding day? LOL!

I made a cake for the cake walk in the gym, and when my Dad found out, he said he wanted my cake! At the cake walk, you have 3 chances to win for $1.00. Dad didn't win in the first 3 chances, so he handed the people another dollar and won on the very next song :). He picked my cake out of all the very yummy looking, pretty cakes. Isn't that sweet? He also paid for all of our tickets and our food. We had such a fun time!

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SchnauzerMom said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time. I definitely think that photo of your daughter needs to be displayed on her wedding day!