Friday, May 16, 2008

Hard Day For Me

After almost a year of going back and forth on this, we have decided that we definitely have to get rid of Sierra. Ugh. Such a hard decision. I love her so much, and yet she is destroying our house where we are. We just spent almost $1000 to buy all the screens she ruined last year. I'm so glad we haven't gotten the screens yet (we had to order them) because she would have ruined one today if there had been a screen on the window. She reared up and tore wildly at the window trying to get to a cat outside. Our yard is so small for her, and she has no room to really run. We take her for walks, but it doesn't help stop her from barking nonstop and ripping apart the windows. Yesterday the weather was nice here, so lots of people walked by. Sierra barked almost nonstop the entire day. When it is nice outside, that is usually what happens. Many have suggested crating or gating her so she can't see out at all, but that is no life for a dog. I have spent hours online looking for solutions. I spent hours watching dog training videos. I have talked to countless dog obedience trainers. They all say that the habit she has gotten into with barking nonstop and tearing at the windows is almost impossible to break. If only Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) lived nearby. I tried his stuff too. We will be driving 3 hours south of where we live to drop Sierra off at a woman's house. This woman works for the Collie rescue division in our state. She said Sierra will be really easy to place, which made me feel better. She said that Sierra's behavior with tearing at the windows and barking like crazy is a very unusual trait for a Collie. We have found that when Sierra is in the country, or when she can't see nonstop activity outside then she is totally fine. She was such a good dog for us when we lived in the country. She stayed at my parents house for almost a week while we were in Florida, and she did great and didn't bark once. They live in a subdivision, but their windows facing the street aren't floor to ceiling like ours so she can't see out. We are going to drop Sierra off either today or tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it at all. I don't want to do it, but I see no choice. I'm having a hard time even petting her today. I'm afraid if I pet her I will change my mind. So far I have changed it about 40 times already today, and it is only 1:20 in the afternoon. I see no other way though. She isn't happy here, and she will be much happier if she has room to run.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I know that is a difficult decision but it sounds like you made the right one. At least the rescue group believe she will find a new home soon.