Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunny Day

It was such a beautiful day here. The sun was shining and it was in the high 60's. Jeff tried to work on the ceiling fan today in the living room this morning, but wasn't able to do much because it ended up getting so hot in the attic that he could hardly breathe. We do have a lovely hole in the ceiling now where the fan is going to go. Jeff planted the rest of my perennials in the front flower bed, and it looks nice. I was able to plant my garden today too, so all of my planting is done. I had planted seeds (carrots, lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, basil and cilantro) several weeks ago, and that stuff is starting to come up. Today I planted 6 tomato plants, 6 green pepper plants and 6 zucchini plants. I don't have a huge garden, so I had to really cram things in!

Jeff drained our hot tub today and didn't put any chemicals in it so Evie could swim. It warmed up by this afternoon, and Evie went in at around 2:30. She was in there until 5:30! Her hands and feet were so shriveled! Her eyes are bloodshot too from swimming underwater so much. I am amazed she stayed in there as long as she did. Evie tans super easily, and hasn't had a single sunburn in all her 6 1/2 years....until today. She got sunburned on her face after swimming for that long. Normally I am faithful about putting sunscreen on her, but today I didn't do it. She looks cute with her pink cheeks. It brings out those baby blues. I will have to be more careful in the future though.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you have a great garden going there. I'm doing good to get a few flowers to grow. Your daughter is a cutie!