Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First snow!

Last night we took Evie to therapeutic horseback riding, and she did really well. The only problem is that she is so tiny! Her little legs barely get past the saddle, so the horse won't move because she isn't able to squeeze the horses sides hard enough for the horse to feel it! Last night she was on a horse named Josie, and the instructor Tim wanted Evie to have the reins, with the volunteers just walking beside Evie (instead of them holding onto the lead rope). This was Evie's first time of doing this, and unfortunately Josie wouldn't budge half the time so the volunteers had to grab the lead rope and pull her along. Tim told Evie that all she needed to do was grow her legs about another 6-7 inches :). She was able to trot on Josie, which Evie loves to do. Next week they are going to try putting her on a smaller horse. I never notice much that Evie is a tiny little thing until she gets on a horse!

I had to laugh that while we were in the arena watching Evie, a black cat that lives at the stables came and visited us in the stands. She is the sweetest cat, and I love when she cuddles on my lap. I patted my lap so she could come up, and instead she jumped up on Jeff's lap! The thing is that he isn't super fond of cats. He doesn't hate them, he just isn't a big cat lover. That cat would not get off his lap, and loved on him the whole time. It was hilarious! Jeff finally had to throw her off, and she came and laid next to me.

When we got done with horseback riding, we walked out into the parking lot and it was snowing! It is the first snow of the season. When we got home, Evie wanted to go out into the snow to catch some on her tongue, so Jeff went out with her (and I went out with my camera).


Jules said...

Why is it that cats alwas pick on those of us that are not particuly in love with them? This happens to me and I really wish they'd go find someone else's lap to curl up in.

Love the snow pictures. Enjoy seeing your blog change through the seasons.

Daisy said...

WOW! Look at the snow!! Jen, I can't believe you got snow already! We're suppose to get some this week.

That would be a milestone to see Evie ride a horse all by herself! Hopefully she'll have an easier time with a smaller horse.

Kelly said...

That's a great story with the cat. I love cats, funny how they go after people who don't love them so much.
Sounds like Evie is doing great on horseback.
It's snowing here too, right now actually. My county is under a winter snow advisory, yeah in October. While snow is not unheard of here in October this is a bit early. Something tells me that it's going to be a snowy winter for the northeast US this year.
Maybe it will snow for Christmas, nothing is better than a white Christmas!!!!!!

SchnauzerMom said...

Wow snow! We might see some this year in late December or January.

It sounds like your daughter is having a great time.