Friday, October 31, 2008

A lot happens while I am not online!

I haven't been online for a few days because I ended up getting Evie's stomach flu on Tuesday night. I hadn't checked my blog since I last posted the snow pictures, and wow! A lot of chatting (or should I call it bantering) has been going on with the political post! It has been some interesting conversations. I am still not feeling 100%, so I'm not too chatty at the moment. I just wanted you all to know that I wasn't ignoring what you all wrote. I'm just not very energetic at the moment to post any replies.


Fox said...

Hey Jen,

I am so sorry you got the stomach flu! Ugh!! I sure hope you will be feeling better soon. I didn't think you were ignoring anyone, but I thought maybe you just hadn't been online for some reason. I know you get busy at times. Sure hope you will regain your strength soon and by then the election will be over! :)

Sending some prayers and get well wishes your way!

April said...


Yeah (reading Fox's post) - maybe by the time you are well, all this election stuff will be over and done - and you won't have any more "bantering" on your site. I never thought you were ignoring anyone either, but figured maybe you just got tired of all the political talk. Which would be quite undertandable.

Anyway, take care of yourself - and I hope you're back up and being your energetic (and industrious) self very soon.

SchnauzerMom said...

I hope you get well real soon!

Kelly said...

Get Well Soon Jen!!!!!