Friday, June 19, 2009

The Duggar Family

I am completely fascinated with the Duggar family. Are you all familiar with them? They have a program on The Learning Channel (TLC) called "18 Kids and Counting". I'm telling you, this family just seems amazing to me. Jim Bob and Michelle have 18 children, and they homeschool them all. They are completely debt free, and they run their house in a Godly, loving way. I recently bought their new book, because I wanted to get some encouragement about Godly parenting, and I figure they were the perfect parents to learn from! I always wanted to have a big family, but circumstances haven't worked out that way yet. Techically, I do have a big family. It's just that 6 of my kids are not with me on this earth. I would like to have some more earthly kids :). Jeff keeps joking that we had better hurry up if we want to catch up with the Duggar's :). He figures I would have to have 6 sets of triplets to catch up. Lol! I know that a lot of people think the Duggar's are completely nuts for having so many kids, but to me, it is awesome. According to the Bible, children are a blessing from the Lord. Also children teach us HUGE things about ourselves and areas we need to work on. I never realized how selfish I was until Evie was born. It was a big wake up call for me, and I have had to do a lot of changing. I have had to rely on the Lord so much more to help me be a better wife and mom. The thing I love about the Duggar's is that they incorporate God into everything they do. They truly are "training their kids up in the way they should go". I want so much to do that with Evie, and I know Jeff does too.


SchnauzerMom said...

I've never heard of them but they sound like a great family.

Kelly said...

The Dugger family is just adorable. I know for me with my daughter being an only child, I'm hoping to instill in her that children are a blessing and larger families are perfectly normal.
Where I live families with only children are not common. Most people have at least 4 kids, I know many with 6. Which isn't much compared to the Duggers of course, but when most families have 4 to 6 kids you feel weird with just 1.
Of course I want her to grow up thinking her family is normal too, so I'm hoping she won't read anything into a small family or one with 18 kids either. LOL

Most common question I get is when are you having more kids, cause so many here have at least 4.