Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free babysitting

A church near where we live is having Vacation Bible School from 6:30-9:00 every night this week, and Evie has been going with one of her friends from our church. One awesome thing is that it has been free babysitting for Jeff and I :). On Monday, we came back home and went for a nice long walk, then sat on the front porch and talked. Yesterday we just hung out together, and tonight we are going to either go kayaking or go out to eat. It has been really fun! It is a rare thing for us to have this many days in a row of date nights, so we are taking advantage of it. Plus Evie is having a blast and learning more about God! You can't beat that!

My garden is growing so well because we have had lots and lots of rain. Everything is coming up, and my tomato plants are getting huge. I'm eating some lettuce already, and it has been really good. I should plant some more because I didn't really plant enough to have us eating it every day. My clematis is climbing crazily over my arbor. It is just now starting to flower, and it is looking pretty. It is still so cool here! I'm not used to low 70's in June. Normally by now it is hot and muggy. It is kinda nice having it this cool!


Jules said...

Your garden is looking wonderful. At the moment mine looks so sad and needs a good clean-up before Spring. Enjoy your free date nights!

SchnauzerMom said...

Your gardens looks great! Enjoy the dates!

Bonnie said...

Your garden looks so wonderful! It is winter here and although my garden is full of vegetables they are growing incredibly slowly! i can't wait for summer to come back again!

Jen said...

Jules and Bonnie-It is still so crazy for me to think that it is winter where you both are! It actually has felt like fall here instead of summer. It is only in the 60's today, which is crazy for it being the middle of June. Normally we are in the 90's by now. I hope you both have wonderful gardens this year :)!

SM-Thanks! We are really having lots of fun on our dates :).