Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another hair post :)

Okay, no laughing! Well, okay, you can laugh. I do look pretty funny. I have been a bit of a YouTube addict when it comes to hair videos the past few days. There is a girl who goes by the name of Torrin who has a ton of instructional hair videos. She had one that I wanted to try, that would help my hair be super wavy. She and I have similar hair texture, and I wanted my hair to look like hers did after she enhanced the waves in her hair. So last night, I put my hair in 6 braids, and I curled the ends with wrap, snap and go rollers. I misted the braids with water so they were a bit damp. The picture below is what I looked like before I took them out this morning. Just so you know, the Disney princess background is not my room, it is Evie's :).

Here are 2 "after" pictures. After Jeff took the first picture, I laughed at how horrible the background was (it is his temporary, messy office), so we changed rooms. Thus the reason for 2 pictures of the back. I think the first pic shows a bit more of the wave.

I had Jeff take one from the front, just so you could see the waves in the front. I was amazed at how much it shortened my hair. Torrin mentioned that hers shortened about 6 inches or more, and that is what mine did. I love how it turned out though. The only bummer is that after about an hour of being at church, the waves started to fall. It is now almost 4:00 in the afternoon, and the waves are about gone. The curl is still at the end, but the waves are now very slight. I need to figure out a way to keep the waves in for longer. It was fun though because I felt like I had a perm for a day!


SchnauzerMom said...

Wow your hair turned out gorgeous!

Jen said...

Thank you SchnauzerMom!

Jules said...

Gorgeous! I've done this with 2 braids but never 6. I think I might try it. My waves are pretty much gone by the end of the day too. I don't know if styling lotion or gel would work. I can never be bothered with them.

Liliana said...

Ooooo, I LOVE it. I'm going on such a hair binge with people finding these hair videos recently! You look beautiful. I want to try it too!

April said...

A perm for a day - I know what you mean! And, by the way, you don't look funny at all, you look very cute with your braids in. :) And your hair looks sooo pretty when down. I'm thinking about wearing my hair like that to my high school reunion, but the wave falls out so quickly in my hair, I might just wear it in its natural state... so we'll see.

Jen said...

Jules - Thank you! I had never done it with 6 braids before. I think the most I ever did was 4. I'm wondering if gel would work too. I could always dampen the hair by misting it, then add the gel. I bet you would get equally wavy results since our hair texture is so similar. Just don't comb or brush it after you take it out. Use your fingers. Torrin flipped her hair forward and combed it all with her fingers, then flipped her hair back. I did that, and it worked really well.

Lil - Thanks! I'm having way too much fun trying out all these styles :). I recommend wild YouTube surfing for hair videos for anyone in a hair rut!

April - Aww, thank you April :). I wish I could figure out how to get it to stay. I'm sure however you decide to wear your hair for the reunion, it will look amazing. I have yet to have seen your hair NOT look amazing

Kelly said...

I love the wavy hair from the braids. It looks great on you.
I used to do that same thing when my hair was at my lower back. I think I did at least four and sometimes six braids. I'm trying to remember how I got the waves to stay in all day.
I think I used a gel, but it's hard to find one that doesn't make your hair crunchy. Extra conditioner may work too. I also used to leave the braids in for a day or two, just pinning up the ends when I was out of the house which may have helped the waves stay in longer.