Saturday, July 25, 2009

New family member

This so was not planned, but we have a new furry family member! We went down yesterday afternoon to the town we used to live in. We hadn't been there since we moved 3 years ago, and some friends invited us for a visit. We got there about 4 hours early because we wanted to go by our old house, and also because we wanted to surprise some close friends, Dee Dee and Steve, that had adopted us into their family when we lived in the area. We got to their house in the country, and there sitting beside the door was a kitten. I picked it up, and it just purred and purred. Dee Dee and Steve were gone, and they came about 20 minutes after we got there. Evie held this kitten (who she instantly named Daisy) for 2 whole hours. This kitten purred nonstop the whole time, and didn't struggle once to get away from her. I was in complete shock. Evie kept asking, "Can we keep her?" My response was no at first, but I was in awe of this cat! Jeff and I asked Dee Dee if she would be willing to give us the kitten, and she was all for it. There were 3 others from the litter, and they were all unfriendly and hissed at us. This one had been tamed by Steve and Dee Dee's 3 year old granddaughter, and loved to be held. Both Dee Dee and Steve said they were afraid that the cat was going to get trampled by their horses, because she kept following both Dee Dee and Steve to the barn, and she would walk right under the horses. I have heard of many barn kittens getting killed this way. So Dee Dee wanted me to take her. We decided that we would, so went and picked her up today on our way home. This is Daisy and Evie on the 2 hour car ride home. She sat in Evie's lap like this almost the entire time, except for when I held her. Evie is watching a dvd, and it seems like Daisy is too!

Here is Daisy when we got home today. Evie put her in a bed with some soft baby clothes. She fell right to sleep. She also fell asleep on Evie. Her markings are so interesting. She is a calico kitty, but has some sections of orange tabby cat in her. If you click on the picture of Evie holding her on the couch, you can see the orange tabby markings on her arm. She isn't litter box trained yet, so we are keeping her in our bathroom tonight with a litter box, her bed, food and water. We read that was what to do. She sure is cute!


April said...

Ohhhhhhhh! Daisy is so pretty! She and Evie are going to be such good friends. Isn't it funny how cats choose people? I think Daisy chose you guys for sure. What a sweet kitty. And she sounds calm - unlike Diablo... uh, I mean Zena at our house... lol. I'm glad you guys found each other. :)

SchnauzerMom said...

She is so pretty! I'm glad you took her in.

Jen said...

April - She is such a sweet kitty. She definitely was supposed to be in our house :). So far she is really calm, except for in the mornings when she is super playful. I hope she stays calm! I bet Zena is lots of fun, even though she is a wild child :)!

SM - Thanks! We are glad we did too!