Monday, July 13, 2009


We went blueberry picking today at a local patch. Jeff's mom went with us, and it was gorgeous weather to pick. Normally when I have picked blueberries in the past, it has been about 90 degrees outside. Today was in the 70's and gorgeous.

This was Evie's first time picking blueberries, and she did amazing! We were in the patch for almost 3 hours, and she picked the whole time. She got bored near the end, and started complaining, but I thought she did so well. She ate about half the patch though :). I kept teasing her that they were going to weigh her afterwards and then charge us for the berries she ate. The patch we picked at had certified organic blueberry bushes, so we didn't think a thing about eating them off the bush. Normally when we have picked in the past, the berries have had a lot of pesticides on them, so I haven't wanted to eat too many without washing them.

The berries were beautiful this year. The berries were really big, and were slightly tarty. I had wanted to pick 40 pounds, and when we got done and had them weighed, I found out we picked exactly that! We got home around 1:30, and I started washing and freezing the blueberries. I kept out several pounds for us to eat fresh. Here are 3 of the 4 bags of blueberries we picked.

When I got done, I put 23 packages in the freezer. I still had 22 packages in the freezer from last year. Last year I bought 80 pounds, which was way more than I needed. This is a picture of my packed freezer, with the new blueberries on the top shelf.


SchnauzerMom said...

My mom and I used to go to local farms and pick produce. I don't think any farms around here do that anymore. I hope you and your family enjoy all the lovely blueberries!

Jules said...

I'm green with envy seeing what's in your freezer. What a great way to spend some family time and the blueberries are the perfect reward for all that hard work!

April said...

I'm in love with your freezer - lol. I just love seeing all that fresh, frozen fruit! Oh the things you can make... like your ice cream for one! We have organic farms up near our acreage, but there aren't many near us on the edge of the city where we're living now. This weekend we're going to a new organic farmers market that sells from the local farms only - and I have great hopes for it for while we're still in the part of town.

That looked like a wonderful day - and if Evie didn't complain for most of that time, she really did do well.

Bonnie said...

Your freezer looks so organized!! I wouldn't dare show mine on the internet :)Blueberries tend to be very expensive here in N.Z so I don't have them very often. What do you make with them?

Jen said...

SM - Thanks! We will definitely enjoy them!

Jules - It was a lot of fun! We ate the fresh ones I didn't freeze up quick :).

April - Lol :). I thought it was funny at first that I was taking a picture of my freezer, so thank you for saying that! An organic farmers market would be so wonderful!

Bonnie - I use the blueberries in smoothies, muffins, pancakes, and cobblers. I have made a pie before too. The freezer used to be wildly disorganized, but it drove me so crazy that I decided to keep it really organized :).