Monday, July 27, 2009

Can you say, "Awww"

Daisy is fitting in really well. She is such a loving kitty. She is really calm. This morning was the first time I really saw her super lively, and she was hilarious. She has slept a lot today.

She is getting along really well with Sierra. Si Si will lick her head, and Daisy will nuzzle on her. It is funny to see, especially since Daisy is about the size of Si Si's head! I wish I could say Dolly was taking well to her. Dolly keeps hissing at her, and is hissing at all of us! She keeps looking at me like, "How could you!" I hope she gets used to Daisy soon. When Dolly hisses at her, she just sits down and doesn't get close to her. She seems like a smart little kitty.

This is how I found her sleeping on the couch. So sweet!!


Daisy said...

She's sooo cute! I can see why you had to take her home. She has unusual markings. Now I MUST say that she has a pretty awesome name ..hehe! I am very partial to it. :) That little Evie is a smart little cookie naming the kitty Daisy!
Since we had to put Ernie down, the house seems so empty now. I though I would be over it by now, but I'm not. I hope one day my dh will want to get another pet. :(

SchnauzerMom said...

I hope your other kitty will accept her pretty soon. She is so cute.

April said...

Those pictures are so cute! She's a snuggler, isn't she? And that's sweet that Sienna accepted her so easily. Since cats are territorial, it might take awhile for Dolly to get use to Daisy. She sees her as an intruder right now. I remember how frustrating it was introducing Sophie to our older cat and then Zena to both of them. They're fine now though. :)

Jen said...

Daisy - I thought you would like that you have a furry namesake :). She really is a sweet little thing. I'm so sorry about Ernie. I hope you will be able to get another pet soon.

SM - So far Dolly is not going for her, but hopefully it will get better with time! Right now Dolly is just a huge grouch :).

April - Yes! She is such a snuggler! I love that. You had a good point about the territorial thing with Dolly. I'm glad to hear that things with your cats turned out so positive! That encourages me!

Kelly said...

Oh my you're not kidding AWWWWWW