Friday, July 25, 2008

Beautiful Trees and Flowers

Sometimes I just have to sit and marvel at God's creation. I think it is such a nice thing of God to give us such beautiful things to look at. He didn't have to do that, and yet He did. We have this tree in our backyard that is the most amazing tree. It is so hard to get a picture of it that really does it justice. It is a huge sycamore tree, and it is like a giant canopy over part of my backyard. I sit on my deck and just marvel at it. There is so much beauty in this world to look at. It is said that Heaven is supposed to be even more beautiful. I read a book called "90 Minutes in Heaven" about a Baptist pastor who was killed in a car accident, and was declared dead for 90 minutes and miraculously came back to life. He spent 90 minutes in Heaven before coming back to life, and he tried to write about his experiences. He said that he got very frustrated at times trying to describe it because it was so hard to put into human words how absolutely beautiful it all looked. He said that the colors were so vivid that it was unlike anything he had ever seen before. He talked about people he saw, and how he was overwhelmed with a feeling of love. After I read that book, I was filled with such thankfulness for the gift of eternal life that God has provided for us through Jesus Christ. It is a free gift. We don't have to do anything but accept it. I am so thankful for the hope He gives us. Sometimes this world seems really chaotic, and can be pretty freaky. Things at times seem so uncertain. I am so thankful that God is the hope amidst the chaos.


Jules said...

I love trees and that was is impressive! I'm not familiar wih sycamore trees: do they drop their leaves all over your yard in the fall?

I've seen that book and wondered if it were any good. I might see about getting it now.

SchnauzerMom said...

I love sycamore trees, they have such funny looking bark. Life on earth is just a dress rehearsal for Heaven, our real home.