Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today Jeff's Mom, Evie and I went to the blueberry patch. We had planned on picking berries, but decided last week that we were going to buy them already picked. We knew we wanted a huge least 80 pounds each...and there is no way we could have come close to picking that many. The most I have ever picked before was about 25 pounds, and that took me hours. We had talked about picking more than once, but we live a good 1/2 hour from the place, so by the time we pay for gas to drive there and back several times, we might as well have bought them already picked. We also debated picking some (like 25 pounds), and then buying the rest already picked. We figured the costs. It would have saved us about $20. The more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea. The idea of standing in the hot sun for hours picking, then driving home and having to wash, dry and freeze 80 pounds of blueberries sounded exhausting. It just wasn't worth 20 bucks to me. If I had 10 kids to help me, maybe I could warm up to the idea. Since it is just me and Mom (and Evie of course, but she wouldn't really pick, she would just eat half the patch), we decided to buy them already picked. So we bought 80 pounds each today. They picked them right before we came, so they were super fresh. This stack is 80 pounds. One cool thing about these blueberries is that they are organic! The field we went to now grows all their berries organically, and we were thrilled about that! I would have been willing to pay more just for that! No yucky pesticides! The berries were beautiful. Sweet and large. Evie helped me wash half of them. She thought that was fun. I washed all of them and laid them out on towels to dry. I'm glad I have a lot of counter space! I ended up putting about 75 pounds in the freezer, and saved 5 pounds out for eating fresh. My freezer is now loaded with blueberries! I filled 50 quart bags. Now I am praying that my freezer keeps working. We have a chest freezer that is only a few years old, and we have a very old upright freezer. The upright
was Jeff's parents freezer, and they gave it to us years ago. I think the freezer is older than Jeff. I defrosted it last week, and since then it has been acting a little funky. I actually prayed over my freezer this afternoon! Hey, prayer can work for freezers too! I checked it a bit ago, and the berries were starting to freeze a little, so that is a good sign. It was a very productive day. I am pretty wiped out though.


SchnauzerMom said...

Prayer works for freezers too and cars and other ornery things. The blueberries look delicious!

Jules said...

Those berries must be at least twice the size what I get here. I just love them but usually have to content myself with frozen ones from the store (but not at the moment when they're over $8 a half kilo (equivalent to about 1 lb).

At Christmas time we visited a berry farm where you could pick your own berries or buy them. We were on vacation so couldn't really buy large quantities but we did decide to try their homemade berry icecream. The memory of that delicious treat still makes me swoon!

Daisy said...

Oh la la! Look at those beautiful, yummy berries!!!! Yummmm! I made some blueberry jam this weekend but oh how I wish I had freezer space to freeze some berries!
I see nothing wrong with praying that your freezer works Jen! I would do the very same.

April said...

I'm so jealous! I would LOVE to have that many blueberries in my house. I've been buying about 2 pounds a week, but when summer is over I'll have to resort to the frozen ones at the store. That is so awesome, Jen!

Kelly said...

Oh Yummy, those look wonderful. I hope your freezer holds out for you.